August 2015 report-the best alternative currency and cryptocurrency for mining and investment profits-underground financial kingdom

There are 2 interesting CFC/ICOs this month, and the game currency we usually use is still attracting attention. Let the report begin!

The initial cryptocurrency product / Croud Funding Campaign coin is invested in:

MapCoin aka MAPC – Thimo, the former developer of SLOTH crypto, has created a new coin that will use the Foursquare/GoogleMaps API and can share coins for check-in. The ICO will last until the 27th from now, and will be C-CEX Exchange.

R3D -The main developer is the founder of NEOS, which is a solid, old and recent coin Crypt. The plan under R3D is so huge that it is difficult to do it from their thread: r3d’s goal is to use blockchain technology to make the internet free. In short-you will be able to use the system to build decentralized sites and applications. ICO continues Bittrex.

Investable/tradable coins are invested in:

PayCon and – When XPY (Paycoin) passed away due to a scam, an interesting meme coin PayCON got a lot of attention and a stable community.Recently added to Crypt And it’s still swaying C-CEX amount.
Gold GP – Coins made for sponsoring game creation, their new website has just been launched, and the price has risen steadily, naturally –
ultra -This game-oriented coin does not stop, it continues to rise like crazy, and the developers are very active in the active game community
LTC Litecoin -Halved in a few days, there is a great chance of price increase

Bonus news and advice
There is a good youtube program about cryptocurrency every week, which contains news from Bitcoin and altcoins.
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