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So, after helping deal with a lot of coins and reviewing all the scams online, I finally thought of the idea of ​​a cryptocurrency that should fix what others lacked. As always, I repeat-don’t invest money that will loose you up. Only the scammers promise to provide 100% rewards, but I think the plan behind it is very solid and we have an excellent team. read!

To ensure that everything goes smoothly, the actual purchase of coins on the forum is public, and the thread is here: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=771755.0

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The new quality of ExclusiveCoin cryptocurrency
As a blogger, investor and miner, I have been watching a large number of coin issuances, failures and scams. After some thinking, I found a way to release the coin, which will remain stable and will not die like most people have recently.

EXCL specifications
Total supply: ~60,000,000 (60MM)
Algorithm: x11 (POW)
PoS: 2% per year
ICO: 49% of coins [approx 14 700 000]
Development funds: 15.3 million
Collective rewards: 8
Blocking time: 40 seconds
Difficulty retargeting: every block

There will be 0 coins for 2-8000 blocks.

The unique idea behind EXCL coin
@Paid 100% of the bounty in BTC – there will be no dumpers from the bounty, because they will not have EXCL dumping
@ Commodity’s weekly sales – With EXCL, you can buy a limited number of commodities cheaper than using BTC, so it doesn’t matter if the coin price is 1 satoshi or 0.1 BTC, because these commodities will maintain their value outside
@Old member as a developer-no longer have new accounts or people without history assure you of something that doesn’t exist
@External block explorer-no more developers manipulate the browser, everything is in the hands of the third-party custodian
@ A large number of nodes – each pool to be added to the OP must act as a node to help protect the network and synchronize faster
@x11 algorithm-makes the coin ASIC resistant
@小PoS-just to make the network more secure, but not to accumulate too many whales

Limited sales of products every week
The main innovation of this coin is not the algorithm, but the item sold.Limited quantity [probably 1-5 per sale] Something cheaper than the things you buy with dollars/bitcoins elsewhere.
Of course, we will start with miner/cpu equipment, but in the end I can imagine that we will be able to sell all products.First of all, the things to be sold will be in the collection of myself and my friends [if you read http://inatagram.com/kingsbtc you know i have a few things] But in the future, others will also be able to sell through the market.
All third parties selling products must use my custodian or someone of my choice. In this way, there will be no chance of being deceived by the EXCL ecosystem.
Due to the limited number of products to maintain fair sales, all transactions will be sent to users on the mailing list first, and then posted to forums/social channels.
When our own item storage ends, we will be able to buy some new items with BTC from the ICO and still be cheaper than the market price.
Later, I think some companies will sell products through EXCL just to get free advertising.

Here are some items waiting to be sold: Gridseed Dual Miner, Gridseed G-Blade, Gawminers Fury, several PSUs, Antminer S1, Antminer S3, camera, PS3 games.

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Exclusive token ICO
49% of the coins will be sold during the ICO and the remaining 1% will be reserved for development funds [mostly for testing applications and new ideas within EXCL ecosystem] 50% will be mined.
The price of each coin is 0.00005BTC

ICO start date: September 6, 2014 [today]
ICO end date: September 25, 2014
Coin: September 28, 2014

How to buy EXCL coins on ICO

@Hosted by Atomic Trade Exchange
Enter the market here

@ Directly from kingscrown
1. Send the required BTC amount to: 1EPM3rTiHFVQfAtTbQLLtAhPHTsvcf94ct
2. PM with txid can be added to the list [if you wish you can PM saying you want to stay anonymous]
3. Visit http://exclusivecoin.pw/ico-list-of-buyers/ to check your status

My entrance: 0,01 Bitcoin

@Use Bitcointalkforum to host Maidak
If you want to custodial, you can pay an additional 0,02BTC for every 1BTC invested.
My entrance: 0,05 BTC
[quote author=Maidak link=topic=771755.msg8717726#msg8717726 date=1410115927]
Hosting address: 15A5R83t7cGoXDSsxMg2HsFevsZYshujy6

Kingscrown has contacted me to inform the user that I want to host his ICO. If you are using escrow, please fill in the form below.


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