Litecoin (LTC)-payment solution

Litecoin (LTC): A kind Decentralized, open source, peer-to-peer cryptocurrency

Litecoin quick statistics

Types of: currency
Creation date: October 7, 2011
development stage: Full release
powered by: 55,320,933
Total supply: 84,000,000
algorithm: encryption
Proof type: Proof of employment
Block goal: 2.5 points

CoinPayments provides Litecoin payment processing Option to allow merchants to receive, send and store Litecoin. In addition, CoinPayments is the first encrypted payment processor to integrate Litecoin payments. Please visit our website in 2013 – You can also see how far we have come in terms of web design🙂

Litecoin is an open source global payment network that is completely decentralized in a secure network that enables individuals to control their own finances. The Litecoin blockchain is able to handle a large number of transactions, so even if a larger ticket item is sold, merchants can get a quick confirmation time.

Founder of Litecoin Charlie Lee Announced the groundbreaking news of LitePay, the currency of Litecoin’s payment processor, which was officially launched on February 26, 2018. LitePay was established to enable merchants to accept Litecoin (“LTC”), a cryptocurrency for payment. In addition to provider processing functions, they also provide a multi-functional signature wallet and LitePay debit card, allowing users to instantly convert LTC to USD. It will immediately convert all payments to U.S. dollars, and all deposits will incur a “simple fixed 1% settlement fee” instead of the approximately 3% charged by the credit card company. We think our crypto community is ecstatic about these changes, because they will increasingly realize the ability of consumers to consume cryptocurrencies in a “non-niche” market, while providing merchants with convenient processors that will enable them Able to accept Litecoin exchange rates in a locked state, thereby eliminating the uncertainty and volatility of encrypted payments.

Litecoin consistently provides services to its consumer base. It is not surprising that in recent days, Arizona Senate Bill 1091 was able to accept cryptocurrencies because tax payments were passed with a deposit of 16-13, and there was no right to vote. Someone mentioned that Litecoin and Bitcoin are the two possible tax currencies proposed.

Without further ado, it is safe to say that 2018 is the year of Litecoin, and our CoinPayments team is very happy to see the next step.

More information about Litecoin

Litecoin website | Litecoin block explorer | Litecoin is BitcoinTalk

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