META 1 coin trust fund announces committee to study global persecution of cryptocurrency projects

Boca Raton, Florida, October 27, 2020 // ChainWire //

Cooperating with other cryptocurrencies, META 1 solves injustice and human rights

META 1 Coin Trust has announced plans to identify, research and record government activities beyond the scope of cryptocurrency cases on a global scale as part of its ongoing efforts to promote human rights and personal freedom.

According to Robert P. Dunlap, Executive Trustee of META 1 Coin Trust: “Malicious attacks on global crypto projects by over-zealous government agencies must be documented and announced to protect META 1 Coin holders, issuers and individual holders. Freedom. Other cryptocurrencies.” He added: “The decentralized, non-jurisdictional reality of encryption often prevents government agencies from fully litigating cases, and because agencies scramble for face excessively, the general public does not have to be exposed to excessive exposure. Continue to suffer.”

META 1 Coin Trust is led by Robert P. Dunlap and Nicole Bowdler, both of whom are committed to countering the unhindered global persecution of cryptocurrencies. By arousing the attention of government agencies for years of organized efforts targeting specific cryptocurrency projects, their hope is that the public will see and demand that these unjust violations of individual freedom be stopped.

The specific dissatisfaction that aroused this initiative includes serious concerns about government agencies’ hampering of personal livelihoods, defamatory character and defamatory false allegations, which may damage the individual’s name long after the legal action is dropped or resolved. If a non-governmental entity takes similar actions, there will be a legal basis and a basis for claiming compensation, but government agencies will be protected by the sovereign immunity law, which usually protects them from litigation.

Because the legal actions of government agencies are sporadic, because they often involve different parties and lengthy investigations, causal observers often fail to see the cumulative effect of their efforts. META 1 will work with other cryptocurrencies against unfounded legal claims by government agencies to develop class-action lawsuit-level case files and display the cumulative litigation of government agencies in an easy-to-view compilation format.

META 1 Coin Trust will cooperate with other cryptocurrencies to establish a committee to formally study and research findings through expert interviews and legal research. After recording the findings of the investigation, efforts will be made to consult legal counsel on possible class actions to potentially seek remedies from accumulated damage, which is part of a clear model of targeted sexual abuse and persecution.

Dunlap added: “We hope that government agencies will take note of our efforts to emphasize unfair targeting of cryptocurrencies, so they stop these unethical tactics and allow the crypto community to be peaceful without the threat of continued harassment. We respect the government’s need to ensure law and order and protect people’s safety. At the same time, we hope that the government will also respect the personal freedom and livelihoods of law-abiding people. This is an issue we will investigate.”

META 1 encourages any cryptocurrency issuers or token holders who have been litigated by government agencies in the past to contact META 1 through the company’s website contact page as part of this research: Contact

About META 1 Token Trust:

META 1 is an asset-backed cryptocurrency, founded by the visionary Robert P. Dunlap of cryptocurrency, to promote the concept of richness and fairness in the service of mankind. As part of its mission, META 1 actively promotes the cause of human rights and leads the struggle for over-regulation and over-expansion by governments in the global non-jurisdictional ecosystem without cryptocurrency.

META 1 is also a socially conscious company. It envisions a future full of human prosperity and prosperity, rather than going beyond restrictions, taxes and regulations.

For more information about the META 1 coin trust, please visit:

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  • Robert Dunlap
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