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Money (XMR): Decentralized, open source, security and privacy-focused cryptocurrency

MONERO quick statistics

Types of: currency
Creation date: June 2, 2014
development stage: Full release
powered by: 15,676,261.1
Total supply: not applicable
algorithm: Encrypted night
Proof type: Proof of employment
Block goal: 60 seconds

CoinPayments can provide Monero payment processing To merchants who wish to receive, store, convert and send Monero.become a Monero Payment Processor CoinPayments is required to keep up to date with all the latest features, codes and development updates to provide a secure connection to the Monero blockchain.

Monero is an open source project dedicated to improving privacy through secure, private and untraceable transactions. By default, Monero uses encryption technology to protect the transaction amount and sending and receiving addresses. Due to these privacy-focused functions, Monero units cannot be blacklisted due to their previous transaction activities, which makes Monero a completely replaceable cryptocurrency.

For many companies seeking a secure transaction method without the transparency of traditional blockchain technology, not having to trust a centralized authority for your transaction privacy is a huge benefit.

This is a short video explaining Monero:

More information about MONERO

Monroe website | Monroe Block Explorer | Monero on BitcoinTalk

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