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NEO (NEO): Open network of smart economy

New quick statistics

Types of: platform
Creation date: February 2014
development stage: Full release
powered by: 65,000,000
Total supply: 100000000
algorithm: SHA256 / RIPEMD-160
Proof type: PoS
Block goal: 15-20 seconds

9day The largest cryptocurrency, with a total market value of more than 3 billion U.S. dollars, NEO payment processing Available through CoinPayments.

Since NEO rebranded from Antshares (ANT) in 2017, it has quickly become China’s leading smart contract platform momentum. Both Neo and Ethereum are similar currencies, so it is inevitable to compare with the Ethereum blockchain. Both of them are open source, Turing complete platform, designed for custody of smart contracts, initial coin offering (ICO) and dApps are designed and are driven by encrypted assets.

NEO contracts support multiple coding languages ​​such as C#, Java and Go, which allows developers to easily code smart contracts and dApps.

On the NEO blockchain, users can register, trade and circulate digital assets.

NEO contains two native tokens NEO and GAS. The upper limit of NEO tokens is 100 million tokens, representing the shares held in the NEO ecosystem and the dividend rights in the form of GAS-proof of equity, such as the incentive generated by each new NEO block, which is intended to be used as a form . Payment and payment to Neo’s shareholders. GAS powers the Neo ecosystem and fuels smart contracts and tokens based on the NEO blockchain.

NEO was developed by the well-known Chinese financial technology company OnChain, which designs and creates blockchain solutions for enterprises, and recently cooperated with well-known technology companies such as Alibaba and Microsoft China.

Although China’s infamous temporary ban on domestic cryptocurrency transactions has had a devastating impact on the crypto market, it is still an avid supporter of blockchain, agreeing that assets, finance, and digital identities can benefit from P2P technology. NEO has been expanding rapidly and has become the most attractive and successful Chinese blockchain project to date. Although it has not been officially recognized by the Chinese government, NEO developers have been invited to participate in government-sponsored blockchain events as VIP speakers. .

NEO does have a long way to go, but China has a special affinity for local companies willing to abide by its strict rules, positioning OnChain and NEO as China’s first fully regulated cryptocurrency leaders.

More information about NEO

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