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PURA: Digital cash movement for public welfare

Pula Quick Statistics

Types of: currency
Creation date: May 27, 2015
development stage: Full release
powered by: 179,664,989
Total supply: 350,000,000
algorithm: X11
Proof type: Proof of employment
Block goal: 2.5 points

CoinPayments provides PURA payment processing Allow merchants and buyers to send, store and receive PURA.

Pura is a self-regulating, private and secure cryptocurrency, derived from the open source Dash code, followed by Bitcoin. Pura uses a master node layer to quickly and transparently reach consensus on network changes, thereby supporting the social responsibility method of currency decentralization.

Pura is the world’s first currency programmed through protocol design, which can contribute up to 10% of its mining rewards for social, environmental and economic benefits.

In the world of Pula, this is a truly democratic country, and the political authorization of the master node operator gives different suggestions and the right to use the State Treasury Fund (DAO).

In recent days, PURA has started trading on OpenLedger. OpenLedger is the most advanced ecosystem in the fintech industry, where you can deposit and withdraw cryptocurrencies and traditional fiat currencies.

This is a short video explaining Pura:

More information about PURA

Pula website | Pula Block Browser | Pura on BitcoinTalk

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