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Okay, so we started a new chat-interview with GoodShibe, a well-known member of the DOGEcoin community, especially its Reddit. Let us see how he views the current state of cryptocurrency and introduce us to DOGE, its future plans, the impact of AUXPOW and what makes the DOGE community so special! You may notice that we have now added a new category – DOGEcoin to the blog, because I think it deserves its own category, not just mixed altcoins.

1. What is your name? How did you get into DOGE? Is that your first cryptocurrency entrance?
–> My real name is a secret and I will not share it because I want people to focus on the intention, not the person behind the intention. I initially used Bitcoin, but I didn’t like the kind of people I met, so I ended up leaving that community altogether.

2. Are you trading/mining other coins? Or is it dedicated to the Shibe clan?
–> Absolutely dedicated. I have some other coins, which I have proposed in the past year, but since entering Dogecoin, I have not bought any other coins.

3. DOGE recently used AUXPOW to merge with most mined Scrypt coins (aka LTC) into the main coin. How has this changed the situation of DOGEs?
–> This makes our network much safer than before, but makes it more difficult for ordinary Shibe to mine Dogecoin by themselves.

4. DOGE is one of the only cryptocurrencies that people never sell just for entertainment. Do you know how the community does this and what is the point of owning DOGE?
-> I want to say that it comes down to desire, desire. Great happiness and satisfaction can be found in giving, sharing and appreciating people. I think the people who find Dogecoin and decide to stay are those who realize that this is not only fun, but also a very positive experience.

5. Is the coin expanding to Asia? Rarely try to use panda coins “lazy”-useless, but DOGE still does not have a good Asian exchange. Is there any plan to achieve this goal and attract all these new users?
-> A large number of Dogecoin investors are from Sibes in Asia. It has not yet found a home in large exchanges, but I suspect that this situation may change soon.

6. DOGE supports many events, but usually this means selling the DOGE obtained in US dollars and causing the price to fall. Is there a plan to make DOGE stick to it and be more stable than LTC or BTC without the need for a merchant to sell it immediately?
–> The best way to achieve this goal is to help encourage our DOGEconomy – let people buy and sell things for Dogecoin. Currently, people who are not involved in cryptocurrency do not have much motivation to keep the cryptocurrency they receive. This is a systemic problem, but as the entire cryptocurrency gradually approaches mainstream adoption, this problem will shrink.

7. Do you plan to expand into new areas for non-technical personnel? If it is, then-how do you see it. Cryptocurrency needs people who don’t spend much time online on FB.
–> I totally agree, yes, we absolutely need to start recruiting people who don’t understand technology. There have been some successes through our Dogecar campaign and Iron Rail Diner’s acceptance of Dogecoin as food, but to really develop, this will be an important step for any cryptocurrency.

8. Now, many exchanges not only use the BTC/LTC pair, but also use DOGE as their main pair. When do you think you can see one of the FIAT exchanges finally enter DOGE?I didn’t speak Crypt But more focused on FIAT.
–> I think it will depend on demand. Once cryptocurrencies start to become mainstream, then we will see things like Winkdex become popular.

9. What are the plans for the additional services that have been done on Dogeparty, and what are the plans for the additional services that have been performed on DOGE? We have dig in the merger pool-what can we expect?
–>For our Dogecoin developers, this will be a good question. I would suspect that over time, there will be actions that will make Dogecoin easier to use by newcomers.

10. Speaking of merged mining, what do you think the DOGE community thinks about all these merged coins-sell them to BTC or sell them for more DOGE?
-> This is a big problem. I don’t know in general, but a few of my people have told me that they have replaced them with governors.

11. What is your opinion on the current BTC price and all your guesses about it. Do you think it will rise to $1k again, and if so – we see what must happen in this case.
–> I think that BTC is experiencing the growing pain that is widely accepted. Many companies are accepting BTC, but few hold it. As a result, many bitcoins are returning to the market, which keeps prices low. I don’t think we will see $1,000 in Bitcoin for a while. A lot of the initial growth is that people see people who get up early and become millionaires and are eager to try to catch that train. However, it seems more pragmatic now, people are very interested, but keep their distance until they see what will happen next. For Dogecoin, we have been decoupled from BTC for a while, so when BTC spikes, Dogecoin tends to fall because investors sell DOGE to try to make Bitcoin appreciate.

12. What is your coolest impression of DOGE and its community?
–> This is a very open and tolerant place, people have a lot of freedom to discuss what they want to discuss and do what they want to do. We are proud to appreciate each other and recommend tips to them, which makes it a very fun and exciting environment.

13. What other coins do you need at this time? Or you are the complete DOGE.
–> It is a complete DOGE for me. I either rode this rocket to the moon or sank with the ship. Either way, it has been an amazing journey so far.

14. DOGE once reached 220 satoshi, do you think it can exceed this price again in AUXPOW mode?
–> Of course, if we build a stable and functioning DOGEconomy. The more people buy and sell things in Dogecoin-the more people we work for and hire in Dogecoin, we will get better returns in the long run.

15. Provide us with a list of the most commonly used community DOGE websites or services for readers to check
–> Here is a great list: http://www.reddit.com/r/dogecoin/wiki/shop_with_dogecoin It can help people find things they can buy with Dogecoin. If you want to hire someone to work for Dogecoin, then this site is very useful: http://www.reddit.com/r/dogecoin/wiki/doge4doge

16. Last words?
Thank you very much for your attention!

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