XENO began to provide VIP NFT transaction services and collaborated with contemporary artist Hiro Yamagata

Hong Kong, Hong Kong, December 24, 2020, // ChainWire //

XENO NFT hub (https://xno.live) Will provide a cryptocurrency-driven digital goods and collectibles trading platform, allowing users to create, buy and sell NFTs. In addition, it will support auction-based listings, governance and voting mechanisms, transaction history tracking, user ratings and other advanced features.

As the first step towards full service, XENO NFT Hub launched the recent VIP service in December 2020 to select users and early adopters, and plans to open the full Beta version in June 2021.

“From digital event tickets to artwork, the use of NFT is extremely flexible. Although NFT has a wide range of uses and categories, XENO will initially focus on partnerships and its own curation in three main areas: games, sports, and entertainment. , And collectibles.” XENO NFT Hub President Anthony Di Franco said.

He also added: “This does not mean that we will ban other types of NFTs from our ecosystem, but it only means that XENO’s efforts as a company will first enter these verticals as a cohesive business method.”

Gabby Dizon, Head of Development and Procurement, explained: “Although we were initially focused on work, we found that we had a unique opportunity to host some of Hiro Yamagata’s works. We are working with Japanese artist Hiro Yamagata to bring Some of his artworks are incorporated into NFT.”

Mr. Yamagata is recognized as one of the most famous screen printing artists for his colorful works. However, he has also recently become famous for his contemporary works using laser and holographic techniques. He is recognized as a pioneer of contemporary laser art. His most famous works include “Disney’s Dream” and “Restore Mercedes-Benz”.

“Now, with the powerful functions of blockchain and its application in NFT technology, Mr. Yamagata’s work has been immortalized into an immutable public ledger. This is a very powerful piece for artists and art collectors. thing.”

One of the most important factors in the art world is the provenance and the history and background of the artist and the artwork itself. Now, through the use of blockchain, the life cycle of artworks has a complete and completely transparent history, starting from the artist and ending with the current owner. NFT has unprecedented ownership and historical accuracy, and provides guarantees that cannot be provided elsewhere.

“The NFT market is still very young, but many people like Mr. Yamagata have expressed interest in using this new media to open up new markets and bring value to existing customers. More and more individuals and businesses are interested in these unique digital assets. There is a desire to buy.” Mr. Dizon continued.

XENO’s VIP service started with Mr. Yamagata (and other digital products) listed in the form of auctions and direct sales, and achieved great success and received positive feedback from users. It hopes to launch a more extensive closed beta in the near future, and at the same time strive to release a full public beta on its own network in June 2021.

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