$16B charity provides Bitcoin donation through The Giving Block

The Giving Block is a major organization focused on the cryptocurrency donation industry, and it continues to expand the coverage of its crypto charities through new partnerships.

The organization will work with the charity platform provider RenPSG to allow its donors to transfer Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies (Bitcoin) Incorporate a new donor proposal fund to support non-profit organizations and other charitable organizations, The Giving Block Announce September 23.

As part of the partnership, RenPSG will begin to provide a solution that allows charities to accept more than 45 different cryptocurrencies, such as BTC, Ether (Ethereum) And Dogecoin (dog).

The Giving Block stated that Renaissance Charitable Foundation is a sponsor of a fund suggested by a donor. It will become RenPSG’s first institutional client and will begin accepting cryptocurrency donations through a new solution this week.

Founded in 1987, RenPSG is a major charity platform that operates customized donor advice solutions and provides a proprietary charity software called DFX. According to The Giving Block, RenPSG provided $16.6 billion in donor recommended fund assets to financial companies and non-profit organizations across the United States in 2020.

“With the widespread influence of RenPSG, The Giving Block is taking another step towards making crypto philanthropy a global phenomenon,” the organization famous On Twitter.

Kelly Palmer, Executive Vice President of RenPSG Strategic Growth Operations, noted that the platform is accepting crypto donations in response to the growing industry adoption:

“As the number of cryptocurrency users grows, so does the number of cryptocurrency donations. We hope that many of our customers can use this solution to diversify the asset types of fund products they accept from donors and provide new The donor community creates interest.”

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Pat Duffy, co-founder of Giving Block, told Cointelegraph that Bitcoin and Ethereum are the most donated cryptocurrencies in the entire organization network in 2021. “Historically, Bitcoin has always been dominant, but this year ETH seems to be pulling the lead,” he pointed out, adding that this year DOGE’s donations have also surged.

Founded in 2018, The Giving Block is a major crypto donation solution that focuses on helping non-profit organizations raise funds in cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin.On Monday, the organization Announce It is expected that more than 100 million U.S. dollars in cryptocurrency donations will be processed by 2021. The Giving Block is also expected to promote $1 billion in cryptocurrency donations in 2022 through a series of partnerships, which will be given in the fourth quarter of 2021.