44% of investors expect Bitcoin to fall below $30,000 in 2021: CNBC survey

During the historical price rise and fall of Bitcoin, investors tried to use traditional markers to understand the trend of volatility, but failed.

CNBC recently conducted a survey of a group of portfolio managers and stock strategists to understand the inner sentiment of the fintech community towards Bitcoin.The answer to “Where will Bitcoin be by the end of the year?” Report:

“44% of people said (Bitcoin) will be less than $30,000, which is basically the same this year. Others are more optimistic.”

Of the remaining 56%, 25% predict that the price will rise and close at $45,000, while the other 25% support BTC to close at the $55,000 mark. A small number of 6% said that Bitcoin can return the bank to $60,000, which is close to the all-time high of $65,000 since April 2021.

Although experts believe that the value of cryptocurrency can only be equated with its use cases, Bitcoin has always stood firm as a true store of value, unaffected by all possibilities and speculation. Given the financial distress of panic sellers and the changing perceptions of Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies, the adoption rate of services for unique use cases continues to rise steadily worldwide.

Since this specific poll only represents a small part of the crypto population and can never represent the entire sentiment of investors, readers are advised not to make investment decisions based on bearish or bullish market discussions.

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Bitcoin’s recent drop of $29,000 has recently shaken investor confidence. However, many experienced traders have already signaled that a bull market is coming. Since Bitcoin recovered to $32,000, traders expect BTC to return to its former glory.

Several other experts also predict that cryptocurrencies will take off based on the weakening of global fiat currencies. Major governments continue to study smaller economies that have failed to retain their traditional legal infrastructure.