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We asked the builders in the field of blockchain and cryptocurrency what they think about the industry… We randomly added some zingers to keep them alert!

This week, our 6 questions will be referred to Olga Kupchevskaya, Vice President of Research and Development of MyEtherWallet.

Olga is the vice president of research and development for MyEtherWallet. She has a strong enthusiasm for learning, which gave her exposure to blockchain technology and led her to complete a master’s degree in computer science, focusing on blockchain scalability solutions. During her tenure at MyEtherWallet, she was responsible for overseeing the research, development and production of software products ranging from Ethereum blockchain data tools (EthVM) to wallet management.

1 — What kind of consolidation do you expect in the crypto industry in 2021?

In terms of price, ether (Ethereum) Of course I will go to the moon. We have seen that staking has increased interest in the chain and made the price higher than in 2017. If the Ethereum Foundation fulfills its commitment to merge into the mainnet and Beacon chain by the end of 2021, then the value of ETH will further increase the guarantee.

In addition, we will see more integration of decentralized financial cross-chain functions and bridges. Following the previous DeFi boom years, more and more users are interested in participating in different DeFi projects. The next step is for the project to create maximum value for users and gain a higher market share.

2 — What are the top five cryptocurrency Twitter feeds that you can’t live without, and why?

I do have a Twitter handle. However, I have no friendly relationship with Crypto Twitter. I usually spend a few minutes a week to see if there is anything worth doing. Most of the time, I just check our company’s partners or other large DeFi projects to learn interesting news or some educational content. Usually, I am overwhelmed by a lot of speculation and misinformation in other channels and a lot of manipulation in the feed.

We have all seen examples of recent Twitter activity, where large investors have posted some speculations or threats about their investments. Then, shortly after, we saw people starting to buy and sell vigorously. As a result, we got a significant price change. In addition to the fact that market manipulation is illegal in other industries-and it is absurd that a tweet can significantly influence the crypto market and cause chaos in the community-it does offer a view on the ethical standards of the crypto Twitter community.

Instead, I get most of the news from dedicated encrypted media platforms (such as Cointelegraph, CoinDesk, etc.) and random encrypted podcasts, which are of higher quality—and I don’t have to absorb information in microblocks without context.

3 — Which is more stupid: $500,000 in Bitcoin or $0 in Bitcoin? Why?

I think a bitcoin (Bitcoin) The price of $0 is far more stupid than $500,000. In the final analysis, the main purpose of Bitcoin is value transfer; even if it is decentralized, it still has some things in common with centralized digital systems. Traditionally, in the financial system, you have an intermediary to help store, manage, and protect your assets, just like a bank. Like any business, the middleman has fees, so when you want to use your assets, you end up paying it some fees.

With the help of blockchain technology, you can do all these tasks yourself; however, there are still physical costs. Like any blockchain, Bitcoin is operated by nodes connected through a network. Bitcoin nodes perform computational work to verify transactions and enable other node peers to access the chain history.Each peer must still be motivated to execute Proof of work To pay for equipment costs, electricity costs, etc.Even if Bitcoin starts to implement Proof of stock Like Ethereum, there are still some costs that need to be paid, such as continuous node maintenance.

4 Which two superpowers do you most want to have, and how would you combine them, for good…or for evil?

My first ability is definitely to clone myself, while preserving the memory of the clone when we rejoin together. I feel that there is not enough time during the day to do everything I want to do or even need to do. For example, there have been too many innovations in the industries around us, and I just don’t have enough time to understand all the new concepts in depth. Instead, I must choose only certain things.

The second is flying-being able to reach a certain place without any restrictions is very attractive. By combining these powers, I will have the unique ability to provide free multi-route air taxi services to those in need as an alternative to regional airlines and their high baggage fees. I have to figure out the details to get the movie on the projector, but hey, the idea is there!

5 What talents do you lack and hope to possess? If you own it, how would you use it?

I absolutely lack good public speaking skills. English is not my native language, and like most people, I tend to be very nervous. When giving lectures in college, sometimes I lose my mind in the middle of the sentence, and some words are forgotten when they are spoken out loud. Although I haven’t felt extremely nervous for a while, I still feel that I lack the quality of speaking to a large group of people I just met.

I am very lucky because I now work with excellent team members who respect and motivate each other. However, I did experience my sexism and discrimination, and I know that other people in the cryptocurrency and STEM industries are now experiencing it. If I were an excellent public speaker, I would hope to influence and inspire people to talk about what they are going through, point out gender bias and take action. Adding to existing conversations will help raise awareness and empower more women and surveillance culture to enter and stay in the industry.

6 List your favorite sports team and choose the most memorable moment from watching the game.

I grew up in Russia, of course, we always watch hockey there. My friend is a big fan of SKA in St. Petersburg. We often go to the games because the hockey tickets there are much cheaper. One of the most memorable moments was watching them enter the KHL finals for the first time and play the final match against HC Dynamo Moscow. I remember the last 30 seconds and how intense it was.

SKA lost and must score twice to win. They pulled the goalkeeper off the ice to add a player, focusing the rest of the game around the Dynamo net. SKA skaters attack the net over and over again with all the skills they must provide. Despite this, the Dynamo goalkeeper continues to create amazing saves, and in between, you can feel the tension between the players and the stadium. SKA lost-the Dynamo goalkeeper proved to be unbeatable-but it was a great hockey game.

One wish for the blockchain community:

Never be afraid to become a little crazy. Although your idea may seem too much, it is still very likely that it is not; you can be the first to bring it to life! Educate yourself, meet people in the industry, and you will find someone who can share your enthusiasm and help you execute.

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