According to reports, George Soros’ investment fund is trading Bitcoin

According to reports, billionaire George Soros’ private investment company Soros Fund Management is trading Bitcoin (BitcoinAccording to the financial news website TheStreet, as part of a broader exploration of digital assets.

Informed sources tell Author Michael Bodley said Dawn Fitzpatrick, the chief investment officer of Soros Fund Management, has given the green light for trading Bitcoin and possibly other cryptocurrencies in the past few weeks. On condition of anonymity, the source said that Fitzpatrick and her team have been exploring cryptocurrencies for some time, and the latest adventure is “not just kicking tires” digital assets.

TheStreet contacted a spokesperson for Soros Fund Management, but declined to comment.

According to reports, Fitzpatrick is still discussing the acquisition of private shares in leading blockchain-based companies, but did not provide the names of these companies. As Cointelegraph reported, Soros Fund Management Company is one of several companies Behind the New York Digital Investment Group (NYDIG) $200 million in financing. MassMutual, Morgan Stanley and Shiling Holding Group also participated.

At that time, NYDIG co-founder and CEO Robert Gutmann (Robert Gutmann) said that this round of investment proved that Bitcoin’s institutional adoption rate was rising.

TheStreet report has spread On Twitter, several well-known industry voices joined the discussion.

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It is unclear how Soros Fund Management plans to trade Bitcoin, if any.Given that Soros earned a reputation for shorting the British pound in 1992, investing in digital assets is not necessarily considered bullish effective “Break the Bank of England.”

Nevertheless, Fitzpatrick has expressed appreciation for Bitcoin in recent months. In March of this year, she stated that cryptocurrencies like BTC are at an “inflection point”, which may promote more adoption in the future.

“We have been making some investments in this infrastructure, and we think this is at a turning point,” she said tell Bloomberg in March.