Amazon denies rumored Bitcoin support plan

Amazon refuted recent speculation that it might be prepared to support Bitcoin payments, claiming that it currently has no plans for BTC.

According to Reuters Report On July 27, Amazon quoted the company’s spokesperson as saying that Amazon is still interested in the crypto industry, but currently has no specific plans to use digital assets for payment:

“Although we are interested in this field, the speculation surrounding our specific plans for cryptocurrency is not correct.”

However, the spokesperson did not deny that Amazon is studying encrypted payments, adding: “We are still focused on exploring what this will look like for customers shopping on Amazon.”

On July 22, Amazon announced the vacancies for the head of digital currency and blockchain products. Four days later, the City AM newspaper in London quoted an “inside person” as saying that Amazon was “absolutely” ready to support Bitcoin payments and launch a native token-igniting people’s enthusiasm for Amazon’s so-called encryption plan.

Chinese crypto media agency Wu Blockchain attributed Amazon’s rumored plan to Monday’s surge in market action – during which Bitcoin rose About 15% in less than three hours In the fierce squeeze that led to more than 110 million US dollars in liquidation.In a tweet on July 26, Wu statement:

“Bitcoin rose by 12% in one hour, leading the rise. Because [the] The Chinese just got up. Obviously, after the rumors about Amazon spread in the Chinese community, the price of Bitcoin has begun to rise. “

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As Amazon denied its rumored plan to support Bitcoin, BTC prices began to fall. According to reports, at the time of writing, BTC has fallen 4.4% to $36,770 in the past 24 hours. Coin Tiger.

On July 23, Cointelegraph reported Job poster Amazon’s payment acceptance and experience steamThe product owner will be responsible for formulating the company’s digital currency and blockchain strategy and product roadmap.