Bitcoin beats stocks and commodities to become the best performing asset in 2021

Bitcoin (Bitcoin) Officially became the best performing asset in 2021, and now the data confirms this.

Since October achieved 15% gains in five days, BTC’s performance is completely better than global macro assets, and the year-to-date return rate is close to 50%.

Bitcoin holders are up 49% year-to-date

Despite Bitcoin’s crazy rise throughout the year, the downside failed to control the market, and the 60% retracement from May’s high is now almost offset.

This week’s data shows that the largest cryptocurrency is at least 13% ahead of commodities this year and 17% ahead of US micro-market capitalization companies.

Compared with the performance of some other investments, The picture is better For BTC holders. For example, European stock markets have only risen 10.3% so far this week.

“After the strong performance in the third quarter, Bitcoin has risen 49.1% year-to-date,” @Bitcoin Twitter account Comment Data set from the investment company NYDIG.

“The best performing asset class in 2021.”

Annotated chart of asset year-to-date returns.Source: Bitcoin/Twitter

Altcoins keep surprises

As Cointelegraph Report, Historically, September is the opposite flat month for Bitcoin, while October is reaction.

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And the stock itself forecast In order to enjoy “above-average” returns this month, after the September performance, high expectations are placed on the strong performance in the fourth quarter.

However, in addition to the macro, there are still personal success stories that beat Bitcoin in terms of raw returns. These focus on altcoins, and some of them have experienced abnormal returns in a short period of time.

Solana (Sol), one of The most famous exampleAt the beginning of 2021, the price was approximately US$1.60, and subsequently hit a record high of more than US$215.

SOL/USD 1-week candlestick chart (FTX). Source: TradingView