Bitcoin bulls give a “conservative” 10-year super-bitcoin estimate

Bitcoin (Bitcoin) It may be only 10 years before mass adoption in an event called “Super Bitcoinization”.

This is according to the participants Miami Bitcoin 2021 Conference, Who was on June 4 Publish Surprisingly optimistic judgments about when the super-bitcoinization will come.

Bitcoin may become the unit of account by 2031

Speak on the panel, Bitcoin standard Author Saifedean Ammous, Unchained Capital’s head of business development Parker Lewis, and Kraken’s head of growth Dan Held all gave a deadline for when Bitcoin will effectively take over global finance.

“I will say ten years,” Lewis began.

“I think that based on the historical adoption of Bitcoin and the trillions of dollars that the Federal Reserve will have to print in the next few months to several years, it may be conservative to say that Bitcoin is a unit of account. 10 years. “

This will involve the Bitcoin network attracting billions of new users in 2031, but as the expert group pointed out, the adoption rate since 2011 has generated hundreds of millions of Bitcoin users.

“I would be a little more conservative than Parker, saying it might be 15 to 16 years – you know, there are four halving cycles,” Amos continued.

His views and Plan B, The creator of the stock-to-flow Bitcoin price model, he previously estimated that after several halving cycles, it will become impossible to measure the price of Bitcoin in US dollars. This is because as a currency with no bottom, Bitcoin’s growth potential in dollar terms is unlimited.

Super Bitcoinization by 2026 is “unlikely” but possible

Herder concluded: “I think that at least ten years of hyper-bitcoinization will be the most likely and actually conservative estimate.”

“If we do have a rapid devaluation of fiat currencies and Bitcoin starts to soar or approach $1 million per Bitcoin-a super-cyclical moment-then we can see it sooner, maybe five to six years Around. But it will be a very unlikely result. I think it may happen, but it is unlikely.”

As reported by Cointelegraph, The stock-to-flow model predicts that the average BTC/USD price for this halving cycle will be 100,000 US dollars or 288,000 US dollars, depending on the type of model used.

So far, PlanB has maintained Indifferent to the recent defeat This caused the value of Bitcoin to fall by more than 50% from its latest all-time high of $64,500.

Bitcoin inventory flow chart as of June 4. source: Buy bitcoins worldwide