“Bitcoin extremists? They can’t stop innovation,” Mati Greenspan said

In an exclusive interview with Cointelegraph during Bitcoin 2021 in Miami, Greenspan criticized some Bitcoin extremists for being “narrow-minded and insecure” and pointed out that they cannot control major cryptocurrencies.

“They can’t prevent any type of innovation from happening. So let them speak up, I don’t mind,” Mati Greenspan, CEO and founder of Quantum Economics, said of Bitcoin extremists.

Greenspan’s statement was made a few days after some Bitcoin hardliners attacked him on Twitter Make a call The Bitcoin Conference “Encryption Conference” in Miami.

Greenspan’s inclusive view of crypto is also reflected in his diversified portfolio. When asked about this, Greenspan pointed out that Dogecoin is his number one asset in eToro. “Why not?”, he said. “It’s interesting!”.

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