Bitcoin “FOMO rebound” is long overdue, and the price of BTC may exceed $200,000 — Bobby Lee

An investor with the longest history said that Bitcoin should have seen a “FOMO rebound” long ago, hitting a new all-time high, and may hit $200,000 or more.

In an interview with Bloomberg on September 29, Bobby Lee, the former CEO of the BTCC exchange, cast aside Any hint of Bitcoin price (Bitcoin) In trouble.

Lee: Bitcoin should rebound next time “for a long time”

One of the growing sources Continue to be bullish on Bitcoin in the fourth quarterLi-who later founded the wallet maker Ballet-refuted the recent price weakness.

“It only fell by 5%,” he said when asked about the recent drop in testing the $40,000 support level.

Although hovering around $42,000 at the time of writing, Bitcoin can not only recover its current historical highs, but it can continue to reach $100,000, $200,000, and more.

Lee suggested that this should come before the end of 2021-or at least begin.

“I think you can easily break through $100,000, and then depending on the severity of the rebound, it may reach $200,000 or even exceed that level,” he said.

“Obviously, breaking through $200,000 is a huge milestone, so there will be a lot of media reports, and this is what led to their so-called’fear of missing out’ rebound. Generally speaking, this happens every few years. I think Bitcoin’s FOMO rebound has been a long time.”

BTC/USD 1-day candlestick chart (Bitstamp). Source: TradingView

Good things will happen to those who are waiting (until October)

As reported by CointelegraphSeptember is expected to disappoint the bulls until the end, and only next month can provide more promising conditions for a return to the BTC bull market.

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Impending obstacles include the scheduled vote on the “Infrastructure Act” by the US Congress on September 30 and the October 1st $3 billion option expiration, This is done immediately after the close of each month.

BTC price fell to Range of around 30,000 USD It’s a popular topic at the moment. Despite this, this kind of event is not expected to last long, and optimism is once again taking over market sentiment.

At the same time, Cointelegraph writer Michaël van de Poppe was impressed by the price behavior that day.

“Bitcoin rebounded well today. The stock market also rebounded well,” he famous.