In the past few months, the crypto field has caused a great sensation regarding the Bitcoin halving, which is about to be halved. Happened in may. Bitcoin is the world’s largest cryptocurrency, and it is only natural that the upcoming halving event has caused such a sensation in the entire crypto field.

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However, there are other things to consider at this time. Due to the outbreak of the coronavirus pandemic, markets around the world have fallen into chaos, and it is worth considering whether this will affect the halving event.

The halving event actually reduced Miners get 50% rewards when mining coinsOver the years, it has been proven that such incidents are a good thing for Bitcoin. In the past, as a result of such measures, the price of Bitcoin has soared because the halving often led to an influx of new investors into the cryptocurrency. However, the situation may be different this time.

The coronavirus pandemic has caused economic difficulties, thousands of people have lost their jobs and have to undergo government inspections. This turmoil may affect the number of people who are actually willing to spend any money to buy cryptocurrency after the Bitcoin halving.

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The widespread selling shocked financial markets around the world, and the Fed had to announce a trillion-dollar stimulus plan in an attempt to stabilize the stock market. In fact, there is widespread concern that the world will change forever due to the impact of this pandemic, and it is believed that cryptocurrencies may not even exist in the next few years. Therefore, the current situation seems certain to have an impact on the Bitcoin halving event.

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