blocks access to Bitcoin software downloads in the UK

If you use a UK Internet Protocol (IP) address to access the website, you will no longer be able to download Bitcoin Core software from kind note The website reads: “This software is currently not available for download in the UK. If you are located in the UK, the download link will not be available.”

In fact, trying to download Bitcoin (BTC) software from the site using a UK IP will return a “404 error”.

Explaining in detail the reasons why visitors to the UK website are prevented from accessing software downloads,’s pseudonym owner Cøbra replied to a tweet statement:

“The white paper is on the blockchain and can be retrieved through software. I must not distribute the white paper on or “in any other way”. We must abide by the law.”

As Cointelegraph previously reported, a British court ruled in support of Craig Wright, who claims to be the creator of Bitcoin In a copyright infringement case against Cøbra and hosting the Bitcoin white paper.

However, the default judgment was simply because Cøbra chose not to defend. As part of the ruling, Cøbra was also instructed to pay 35,000 pounds (approximately US$48,600) in legal fees for Wright.

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The verdict is Wright’s latest attack on those who questioned the claim that he is the creator of Bitcoin Satoshi Nakamoto. In January, Wright request,, and removed copies of the Bitcoin white paper from their respective websites.

Wright continues to insist that the Bitcoin white paper is his intellectual property. At the same time, he is still a supporter of Bitcoin SV (BSV), a faction chain separated from Bitcoin Cash (BCH). Bitcoin Cash (BCH) itself is another fork of Bitcoin.

Bitcoin software downloads can still be downloaded on, even for visitors with UK IP addresses at the time of writing.

In fact, given the various workarounds such as virtual private networks and other websites hosting the software, geofencing of download links on is unlikely to affect people who are interested in running Bitcoin Core in the country.