goes offline after being attacked by a scam, one of the earliest websites about Bitcoin (Bitcoin), as of this writing, has been hacked by online scammers.

Cobra, anonymous curator of, Announce On September 23, was hacked and hackers managed to post a fraud notice on the site.

“It looks like was hacked and the entire site was replaced by a scam demanding free Bitcoin. Don’t send funds to this address,” Bitcoin developer Matt Corallo (Matt Corallo) Report On Twitter.

According to Corallo’s query, Namecheap temporarily disabled the site. According to Cobra, the website “may be closed for a few days.”

Before went offline, users reported that displayed a classic fake giveaway announcement, and the scammers reportedly managed to charge their address about $17,000.

After disabling the site, Cobra hinted that the hacker had exploited a flaw in DNS, and pointed out that’s Cloudflare account and server were not compromised.

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The latest attack occurred on became a victim of DDoS attacks In early July, and the ransom demand for an undisclosed amount of Bitcoin.The attack happened a week later in a British court Order the website to stop hosting the Bitcoin white paper, The ruling favored the self-proclaimed Satoshi Nakamoto and Bitcoin SV supporter Craig Wright.