Bitcoin soars 50% so far in 2020

As early as the beginning of 2019, Bitcoin started an amazing rally, and many people believe that this cryptocurrency may eventually reach the dazzling set of 2017. Chaotic highs. However, after the first half of this year, the gains disappeared.

In the past few days, the world’s largest cryptocurrency has once again seen an amazing rise. Although BTC investors must be happy, some people must be wondering if this is another flood. Many traders may wonder if this is the beginning of another round of rally triggered by certain factors, or just another case of market volatility.

Bitcoin breaks through the $10,000 mark

So far, 2020 has been an impressive year for BTC, it has soared by 50% to overcome the psychologically important impact 10,000 USD mark recent. On the past Tuesday, it reached its highest level in five months, and the optimism among investors is not surprising. In the past 11 years, the cryptocurrency has risen rapidly, and the decline has been equally astonishing.

However, this time may be different, and Some experts It is believed that there are new factors triggering the recent rebound. It is generally believed that BTC will soon be accepted by mainstream entities, and the global economic situation is also considered to be a factor.

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For example, in the past few days, many experts stated that BTC has quickly become one of the emerging markets. Reliable haven Many investors invest. Due to various factors, global economic growth has become more uncertain, which may cause Bitcoin to become a store of value for global investors. Having said that, investors need to open their eyes and keep abreast of the latest developments in the cryptocurrency world.

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