Bitcoin Taproot upgrade is finally locked, activation is scheduled for November

The Taproot upgrade is activating 90% of Bitcoin (Bitcoin) The mining hash rate that signals protocol improvements during the current difficulty period.

Data from, a webpage created by Bitcoin developer Hampus Sjöberg, shows that the lock phase is now fully.

All recognized mining pools send out upgrade signals Slush Pool was the first to do thisSlush Pool also mined block 687285, which was sealed by Taproot, which may be appropriate.

AntPool and F2Pool-the top two Bitcoin mining pools by hash rate share-are also among them The earliest supporter of Taproot activation In the field of BTC mining

In a conversation with Cointelegraph Bitcoin Core developer Pieter Wuille, he explained the activation steps of Taproot. He said: “According to BIP341, once locked, it will be automatically activated at block height 709632-expected around November 14, 2021 .”

Wuille also commented on the importance of Taproot and added:

“This is the first consensus change since Segwit was activated in August 2017. It extends Bitcoin’s scripting capabilities to make certain things cheaper (especially more complex applications such as multi-signature and second Layer of things), and to be more private by often hiding the exact spending rules.”

According to Wuille, the November activation is just the beginning, because the real work will be to build the software to take advantage of the protocol improvements.

The historical significance of June 12 to Bitcoin also surpassed Taproot, as the number of transactions mined in a single block hit a record high on this day.Data display from the blockchain browser Blockchair 4,075 transactions In block height 687249.


This recorded figure is almost twice the average transaction volume of each block recorded on June 11, and four times the typical transaction volume of a Bitcoin block.

As the hash rate drops China’s mining restrictions, Saturday’s average transaction count may be due to slow block production forcing more transactions to be included in a single block.