Bitcoin’s volatility always disappoints some investors: Michael Sayler

MicroStrategy CEO and Bitcoin evangelist Michael Saylor recently Interview Share his insights on the global macro environment with Bitcoin (Bitcoin) And general encryption.

When talking about the risks associated with volatility, Saylor said: “Those who invest in Bitcoin as traders — they don’t, they don’t have a technical or macro view — they will always be because of volatility.”

Based on the advice of experienced cryptocurrency traders, Saylor warns viewers to invest (Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies) only for losses that they can afford. The American entrepreneur also warned investors not to trade impulsively based on speculation, and not to provide investment advice to traders who intend to make short-term returns.

On the other hand, the entrepreneur believes that regulatory complexity is currently the biggest threat to the crypto economy.

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With the continuous emergence of stronger fiat currencies such as the U.S. dollar and the euro, Saylor speculated that Bitcoin would only become stronger, and concluded:

“I regard Bitcoin as the most widely distributed and strongest currency asset brand in the world.”

A recent survey of a small group of Bitcoin investors found that, according to reports, 44% of investors Looking forward to the Bitcoin price Stable below $30,000, and 56% of people expect the bull market to resume.