When market sentiment turns bearish, every bit of negative news, no matter how trivial, will pull down prices as traders panic selling. This is what happened after the Chinese social media giant Weibo suspended some encryption-related accounts and raised concerns about the possibility of a wider crackdown.

In other news, a Goldman Sachs report stated that their meeting with 25 long-term fund and hedge fund chief investment officers revealed that Bitcoin (Bitcoin) As at least Favorite investment asset.

Daily view of encrypted market data. source: Coin 360

Although the news may be negative in the short term, it is unlikely to change the long-term Bitcoin story. As prices adjust, some institutional investors may consider using cryptocurrency investments to hedge their investment portfolios in response to the possible surge in inflation in the United States.

From the perspective of most traders, Bitcoin’s current decline continues to represent a long-term buying opportunity.

Let’s analyze the charts of the top 5 cryptocurrencies that may outperform the market in the next few days.