By 2030, immersive cooling technology can help Bitcoin mining go green

Immersion cooling technology may help transition to zero emissions Bitcoin Mining Bitcoin Mining Committee (BMC) member Hass McCook told Cointelegraph.

McCook is known online as Friar Hass, and he believes that the industry is expected to achieve its goals in 2030.

Immersive cooling involves immersing the Bitcoin mining ASIC in a specialized coolant that absorbs and recovers heat from the data center. This method of Bitcoin mining increases productivity.

Earlier this month, Bitcoin mining company Riot Blockchain Announce It will develop a 200 MW immersed cooling Bitcoin mining infrastructure at its Whinstone plant. According to the company’s preliminary immersion cooling test results, the pre-calculation power is increased by 25%, and the ASIC performance is increased by 50%.

On October 29th, Brian Roemmele, the co-host of the Around the Coin podcast, posted a photo of immersed Bitcoin mining equipment on Twitter, claiming that “by immersing Bitcoin miners in liquid The heat and noise are reduced by 95%, and we can recapture 40% of the heat and convert it into electricity.”

“By 2024, Bitcoin will be 100% green,” he said Add to, “No other system will be more environmentally friendly.”

Although McCook does agree that Bitcoin can be carbon neutral, he is not very optimistic about the time frame.

“I do believe that zero emissions will be achieved by 2030, but I think 2024 is a bit ambitious,” he said. “And I think immersive cooling technology may be part of the transition to green.”

“So in terms of sustainability, you can get durability, and you don’t have to make so many of these things,” he added.

Immersion cooling can reduce the need to replace equipment and the energy required to cool the rig when mining BTC. McCook says that while this reduces the environmental impact of mining, it does it in a way that is attractive to miners.

“The switch to green Bitcoin mining will not be for environmental reasons. It will be to reduce the cost basis for miners to increase their profits.”

He added that the main game is actually about whether miners use sustainable energy.

“The cruel fact is that when you plug the device into the wall, you get anything on the other side of the plug,” McCook said.

“So really, for Bitcoin to truly become zero-emissions, the basic grid must be zero-emissions.”

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Bitcoin is moving towards a sustainable future.According to recent discover According to a survey from the Bitcoin Mining Council, the current electricity used by the North American members surveyed has a sustainable electricity portfolio of 65.9%.

BMC wrote: “Based on these data, it is estimated that the sustainable power structure of the global mining industry will grow to approximately 57.7% in the third quarter of 2021, an increase of 3% over the second quarter of 2021, making it the most sustainable in the world. One of the industries.”

Micro Strategy CEO Michael Sayler “Due to advances in semiconductor technology, the rapid expansion of the mining industry in North America, China’s flight, and the global shift to sustainable energy and modern mining technology, we have seen significant improvements in the energy efficiency and sustainability of Bitcoin mining this quarter.”

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