Canadian border town suspends Bitcoin mining due to aesthetic issues

Massena, a small town on the border between New York and Canada, has suspended the use of new Bitcoin (Bitcoin) Mining operations in the area.

According to a report The Associated Press reported on Friday that Massena City officials requested the suspension of new Bitcoin mining activities for 90 days due to aesthetic considerations.

Steve O’Shaughnessy, the director of Massena Township, said that miners were strewn with trailers on the roads filled with computers and other hardware needed to mine bitcoin. The Associated Press report quoted O’Shaughnessy’s statement to WWNY-TV, saying:

“We don’t want it to be messed up by these trailers that are pulling out Bitcoin. We just want to make sure if they will come here. This is a beautiful and decent building.”

According to reports, city officials will use the 90-day moratorium to ensure that the roadside of Massena Town is neatly lined with trailers and containers moving from the road.

At the same time, it is reported that Massena Electric is seeking to sign agreements with three encryption companies. According to the Associated Press news report, the power company has also suspended cooperation with new crypto miners.

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Over the past ten years, a large number of factory jobs have been lost in North American border towns. Bitcoin and crypto mining businesses represent the return of some industrial activities to Massena and other places.

Cheap electricity in these areas is usually the main attraction for Bitcoin miners. In return, these companies provide employment opportunities and promote local economic development.

In fact, with China’s large-scale crypto mining crackdown and expected East to West Hash Power Migration, These small towns in North America may host more Bitcoin mining activities.

At the same time, under the current declining hash rate, the major Bitcoin mining business in North America continues to expand its production capacity to occupy a larger market share.

North American Bitcoin miners control a larger share of the global hash rate distribution, which may also help the industry gain a better position among regulators Especially in the field of environmental protection.