China blacklists Bitcoin miners in Inner Mongolia

China has stepped up its efforts to cancel cryptocurrency mining in Inner Mongolia, and imposed new penalties on those found to be engaged in illegal activities.

Officials have announced new draft rules that will impose harsher penalties on those arrested for mining Bitcoin (Bitcoin) And other cryptocurrencies, report Written by the South China Morning Post. These measures include putting offenders on social credit blacklists, which will prevent them from obtaining loans and even stop using the transportation system.

The new rules specifically mention data centers, industrial parks, telecommunications companies, Internet companies, and even Internet cafes, and point out that any such offenders who discover that they operate mining equipment will have their business licenses revoked, and may be removed from the local electricity trading plan, and may Even shut down their business completely.

The draft rules will be subject to public review before June 1; however, the Inner Mongolia region has already been severely hit by cryptocurrency mining. Eliminating energy-intensive mining is part of China’s announced plan to achieve carbon neutrality by 2060. hotline The Inner Mongolia region is already very active. In this region, citizens are encouraged to notify the authorities of any cryptocurrency mining activities taking place there.

China’s determination to get rid of Bitcoin miners has had a ripple effect. The three mining companies BTC.TOP, Huobi and HashCow announced that they are collapse They started operations in mainland China earlier this week.

Although China’s hunt for cryptocurrency miners is part of its established carbon goal, other countries engage in the same activities for the same reasons.Iranian President Hassan Rouhani announced in a televised speech on Wednesday Ban immediately All Bitcoin mining until September. According to reports, Iran’s energy shortage is driven by excessive consumption of electricity by Bitcoin miners and has caused power outages in the grid and dimming of street lights.

Iranian authorities Now available If someone successfully puts forward a reminder about the location of illegal Bitcoin miners, they will be rewarded with 200 million riyals ($873), which is more than four times the average monthly salary in Iran.