COP26 emphasizes the sustainability of cryptocurrencies and green solutions

Kristina Cornèr, editor-in-chief of Cointelegraph, gave a speech on the positive impact of the cryptocurrency ecosystem on environmental goals at the United Nations Climate Change Conference (COP26) in Glasgow, Scotland on Tuesday.

Arrived in Cornèr, Scotland’s second largest city after serving as a panel host at the Lisbon Web Summit last week spoke On a wide range of topics, from the establishment of interoperability between people and technology to the impact of Bitcoin mining (Bitcoin).

Commenting on the differences between the implementation of climate change initiatives between the traditional energy sector and the crypto community, Cornèr believes that the emergence of new technologies provides opportunities for learning, noting:

“Decentralization is another option for Campanileism, or parochialism in English. This is a local, small-scale way of thinking, not a global vision of a decentralized world.”

Before she transitioned to the cryptocurrency field, Cornèr established an outstanding background in the environmental sector, serving as the communications manager of the French Energy Efficiency and Ecological Enterprise Alliance, and continued as a researcher in international energy politics and green technology. ENERPO Center of European Universities.

When discussing the hypocritical tendencies that often appear at global conferences and summits, she said:

“The key to the historical transformation is not the complete change or transfer, but the new synergy between people, technology, and education.”

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German Observation, a non-profit environmental organization shared The latest version of their annual climate change performance index 2022. The author’s expert panel introduced the performance of 60 countries that account for 92% of global emissions to a global audience.

Cornèr stated that instead of recognizing its future energy efficiency potential, she expressed her views on the misunderstandings surrounding Bitcoin mining activities and the impact of tarnishing an emerging industry due to its early flaws:

“Of course, every new industry has traps, but we are working hard to create more green solutions. What is really important in the blockchain field is that people are ready to think in new ways and find solutions. The Climate Change Alliance is a good one. example of.”

this Encrypted climate agreement is an environment-centric initiative Bringing together more than 150 companies from the encryption, blockchain, technology and energy industries, they seek to establish a unified approach to support sustainable development and pledge to achieve net carbon output by 2030. Famous participants include Consensys, Web3 Foundation, Ripple, Near Protocol and Pixl8.

At the end of the speech, Cornell shared a unified message about the intrinsic value of mankind to ensure the future prosperity of the earth’s ecosystem under the condition of technological progress:

“The crypto community is ambitious, bold and full of potential. Innovation is about synergy. It goes beyond technology and people. It’s about us.”