Deloitte and Avalanche Blockchain form a strategic alliance

The speed of data movement depends on the tools that power it. this week, Announcement from Deloitte and Ava Labs Hope to simplify federal emergency funding applications.

Deloitte will use the Avalanche blockchain to “help state and local governments easily prove that they are eligible for federal emergency funding.”

Deloitte’s urgently needed solution

Deloitte is known as one of the “Big Four” accounting firms and works closely with some of the largest companies and government agencies in the United States.

Deloitte currently works with the Federal Emergency Management Agency (commonly referred to as FEMA) to execute disaster compensation applications for state and local government agencies. They do this through a tool called Close As You Go (or CAYG). The CAYG platform is Deloitte’s cloud-based solution designed to provide government partners with a “decentralized, transparent and cost-effective system.” The Avalanche blockchain will add streamlined speed, efficiency and identity verification to the CAYG system. Deloitte regards the eco-friendly advantages of blockchain as the main criterion that led to the selection of Avalanche to join the alliance.

Ava Labs will assist the CAYG system in core capabilities, including simplifying recovery work, simplifying file retention, reducing management costs, reducing risks, and building resilience.

These are urgently needed in the FEMA ecosystem because the agency has historically associated its name with the delays of federal emergencies that often require rapid response. E.g, Nevada firefighter Said that although he was able to receive a grant to mitigate wildfires, the “long application and environmental review process” hindered the ability of firefighters to perform. Similarly, a deputy chief administrative officer in California stated that FEMA’s assistance to victims was “slow and sometimes confusing” during the campfires that raged in 2018.

This is a transparent, efficient and fast area-ideally, Avalanche can help bring these things to the table.

Avalanche's native token, AVAX, has performed exceptionally well and looks to push over the $100 mark to close the year. | Source: AVAX-USD on

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Avalanche’s current activity

Earlier this month, Ava Labs launched “Blizzard” in cooperation with the Avalanche Foundation, which established a $200 million-plus crypto growth fund for DeFi and NFT. This move took place just a few months after the $180 million DeFi incentive program “Avalanche Rush”. The plan is not only for DeFi and NFT, but also for enterprise applications, social tokens and games.

Although these plans have nothing to do with Deloitte’s recent announcement, Ava Labs’ efforts have clearly achieved results in expanding the Avalanche blockchain.

At the same time, Deloitte has got the pulse on encryption and blockchain-so this week’s announcement shouldn’t be and also strangeness.This year, the company released The fourth annual global blockchain surveyThe survey contains a lot of interesting information about encryption to consider, most notably, more than three-quarters of financial executives believe that physical currency is about to end.

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