Deutsche Börse’s European Futures Exchange launches Bitcoin futures trading

The derivatives exchange Eurex, a subsidiary of German stock market operator Deutsche Börse, launched a partnership with ETC Group’s Bitcoin (Bitcoin) Exchange-traded paper (ETN) futures products.

The European Futures Exchange officially announced on Monday the launch of the Bitcoin ETN futures contract developed by the London-based crypto derivatives issuer ETC Group.

“As the first step in our crypto derivatives portfolio, this product is the first regulated market for Bitcoin-related derivatives in Europe,” the European Futures Exchange said.

The Euro-denominated Bitcoin ETN futures contract is based on the flagship product of the ETC Group, Centrally cleared bitcoin exchange trading products (ETP), known as BTCetc Physical Bitcoin (BTCE). Futures contracts allow investors to track the price development of Bitcoin in a regulated environment, and will be physically delivered in BTCE. BTCE is 100% backed by Bitcoin, and any investor can instantly convert to base BTC.

Bradley Duke, CEO of ETC Group, pointed out that the latest listing marks another important milestone in the provision of financial products to institutions that can access cryptocurrencies on regulated exchanges. “Europe’s largest derivatives exchange Eurex chose BTCE, which further established the ETC Group’s leading position in the field of encrypted ETP, and is a recognition of the quality of our products and its world-class liquidity,” he pointed out.

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More than a year after Bitcoin ETN futures were listed on the European Futures Exchange ETC Group lists its BTCE ETP products on Xetra, The main digital stock exchange operated by Deutsche Börse. ETP is now listed on several European exchanges, including six Swiss exchanges. In July, the ETC Group announced that BTCE will offset the carbon footprint through manually selected carbon credits to compensate for the carbon emissions associated with BTCE Bitcoin mining, thereby achieving carbon neutrality.