Does China retain control of the mining industry?Alipay’s ancient NFT and Amber’s surge

This weekly news summary from China, Taiwan, and Hong Kong attempts to plan the most important news in the industry, including influential projects, changes in the regulatory environment, and enterprise blockchain integration.

Too low, you have to reach out and touch the bottom

It feels like a lot of FUD the size of a mine in China this week. This is usually a very good sign that the bottom is about to bottom, but when it comes to the downward volatility of cryptocurrencies, people are never too sure.Jianan Zhizhi, one of China’s largest mining companies, announced Open a store in neighboring KazakhstanThis is an ideal compromise for Canaan because it can stay close to China while reducing their regulatory risks. Between the lines, it seems that the main plan is to continue to manage the company from China while sending the machine overseas.

This will discourage the work of Bitcoin purists, who believe that crackdowns are a good way to break China’s dominant position in the mining industry.Just this week, a Professor of a university in Singapore Written in Chinese, it would be a good thing to switch to a more decentralized network. This has caused some people to question the use of fabricated words roughly translated as “de-sinicization,” but when large mining companies like Canaan can transfer physical equipment overseas but still control governance.

Stamp is too big

On June 21, Eunice Yoon, Director of CNBC Beijing Branch Post on Twitter A logistics company in Guangzhou is shipping 3,000 kilograms of mining hardware to Maryland in the United States. According to her, the price is 9.37 US dollars per kilogram. Some quick mathematical calculations indicate that, at least at the time of writing, the total cost will be lower than the price of one bitcoin.

Bitmain lends a helping hand

Cointelegraph reported on June 23 that the large mining company Bitmain Suspension of sales Mining hardware to support the oversupply second-hand market. The article said that since the spring, China’s computing power sales have fallen by about 75%. According to reports, Bitmain has also moved its business abroad, which will be a major move for the hardware manufacturing giant.

Feng Ai

On June 18th, everyone’s favorite Bitcoin supporter Francis Suarez delivered a speech again, announcing that Miami welcomes all Chinese Bitcoin miners.This announcement Translated and published On Sina Finance’s blockchain Weibo account, it attracted more than 53 comments from surprised netizens. However, most of these user reviews are negative in nature, both for Suarez and Bitcoin. A large number of Weibo users are not optimistic about cryptocurrencies, especially those who have been investing in the stagnant Chinese stock market.

Amber is the color of your energy

Amber, a cryptocurrency service provider based in Hong Kong, Complete B round of financing Worth 100 million US dollars. Amber is well-known among institutions for its financial services (including asset management, over-the-counter trading services and lending).

Alipay enters NFT

Alipay cooperates with Dunhuang Research Institute to continue to promote AntChain technology 8,000 NFT skins released. Dunhuang is famous for its ancient outpost on the Silk Road and is home to the UNESCO heritage site of Mogao Grottoes. NFT featured artworks inspired by cultural sites and sold out quickly. AntChain is a private blockchain developed by Alibaba’s Ant Group.

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