El Salvador uses Bitcoin Trust profits to build a $4 million veterinary hospital

The President of El Salvador, Nayib Bukele (Nayib Bukele) announced plans to invest part of the country’s $4 million worth of profits from its Bitcoin holdings in the construction of a new veterinarian in the local capital of San Salvador. Hospital.

Bukele revealed on Twitter on October 10th that SaviorThe state-run Bitcoin trust fund currently holds $4 million worth of profits. The recent Bitcoin hug.

Booker announced that part of the funds will be used to build a veterinary hospital with 4 operating rooms, 4 emergency rooms, 19 offices and a rehabilitation area. “We decided to invest part of this money in this: opening a veterinary hospital for our furry friend,” he said.

Bukele added that the goal of the facility is to be able to perform 64 operations, respond to 128 emergencies, make nearly 400 routine appointments a day, and share computer-generated hospital models on social media.

The news caused different reactions on Twitter, with many Salvadorans suggesting that the country’s cryptocurrency profits be used for other purposes.

According to a rough translation, Twitter user Norma De Serrano Said It is best to invest funds in improving existing medical facilities across the country, and emphasize that many hospitals and health units “need to be improved”-many other commentators have expressed similar concerns.

other criticize The government failed to invest in infrastructure outside the country’s capital.

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When the news came out, the market value of Bitcoin recently surpassed US$1 trillion for the first time since May. BTC has risen by nearly 20% from US$47,000 in the past week to more than US$55,000.