Elon Musk reminds his followers that he is not the owner of Dogecoin

Tesla CEO Elon Musk reminded Twitter followers on Tuesday that despite his recent interest in Dogecoin,Dog), he still has no formal authorization for the project.

Musk responded to a comment on the governor-themed account, which believes that he is engaged in the Dogecoin business like his own company and has actually become the CEO of the project.

The comment identified Musk’s influence as something to be commended, but claimed to be “godfatherRemind him that he is not actually the boss and no one really answered him.

“Please note that Dogecoin is not formally organized and no one has reported to me, so my ability to take action is limited,” Musk wrote.

The results of a recent survey conducted in Australia Revealed more than 50% of respondents Think Elon Musk is the inventor of Bitcoin (Bitcoin), indicating that his recent Dogecoin reminder function may have been well judged.

Dogecoin is a meme in the form of a cryptocurrency created purely for humorous reasons. After it was released in 2013, the joke finally disappeared and the coin disappeared until Elon Musk fell in 2020. For most of 2021, the value of the Governor.

Others have Blame on responsibility For Elon Musk, this is considered an irresponsible cryptocurrency market wobbly.During the market crash in mid-May, a petition was published on Change.org Ask Musk to sell his bitcoins And he withdrew from the cryptocurrency space before his tweets caused more unnecessary commotion.