Enjoy the 2020 European Cup finals with encryption and blockchain

The date has been set. On July 11th, fans all over the world can forget everything about the outside world for at least 90 minutes, and finally witness who will become the winner of one of the most watched sports in the world. world. England and Italy will compete for the honour of winning the coveted European Football Championship 2020 or the European Cup 2020 trophy, which is held every two years.

Here is a small thought experiment for all casual football fans: Try to think of every active football player you can think of. If these athletes are relatively mature and play for the world’s top leagues, then they are likely to represent their country in the 2020 European Cup this year.

In order to really understand the scale of this incident, a recent study display A shocking 23.8 million spectators watched England’s historic 2020 European Cup victory against Denmark, and the shocking semi-final last five minutes attracted a peak of over 25.7 million spectators. In fact, the viewership of the event was only obscured in recent memory by the coronavirus announced by the British Prime Minister in May, and nearly 27 million people watched the news on six different local news channels.

This last promise is a lollipop

A month has passed since the intense and exciting football match, and now it is time for the two top teams, Italy and England, to compete at the historic Wembley Stadium.

In the past, this event has witnessed the competition of many European heavyweights. However, it is worth mentioning that this time, the Italian Azzurri has not lost a game in as many as 33 international matches, and it is only one step away from leaving its name in football history.

Their opponent England, also known as the Three Lions, also has a strong game in this year’s European Cup 2020. They only allowed one goal throughout the season, which is an impressive feat considering the level of competition they have to face-countries like Germany, the Czech Republic and Ukraine-reaching the finals. All in all, the lists of the two teams seem to be piled up like a mountain. On paper, this conflict should and probably will be a thriller.

As one might expect, there will be a lot of bets on this game, and the odds setters give England a slight advantage, which can be said to be a surprise considering Italy’s undefeated record. However, no matter how many Italians come to watch the final in person, the importance of home court advantage in football can never be underestimated.

Finally, with the rise of blockchain casinos and the increase in global cryptocurrency adoption, more and more digital currency investors seem to have begun to use their crypto assets for gambling purposes. Therefore, of course, many of these people may also bet on this game through encrypted gambling platforms or even prediction markets.

How to participate: Encryption method

In recent years, more and more mainstream football clubs Keep launching Their own digital currency/fan tokens. Although the jury still disagrees on the actual utility of these products, the fact remains that the football world is very keen in recognizing the technical and monetary claims made by cryptocurrencies.

In terms of gambling, dozens of mature gambling websites accept various cryptocurrencies-including Bitcoin (Bitcoin), Litecoin (LTC), Bitcoin Cash (Bitcoin cash), Dogecoin (dog), tether (USDT), Ethereum (Ethereum) And more. There are many choices, it’s just a matter of one person finally deciding which platform to use.

Needless to say, some gambling sites are currently offering their users a large number of side bets—another aspect of online gambling that crypto enthusiasts can participate in. E.g, Odds As the highest scoring team, the Italian team currently has a record of 10/11. For England, the figure is much lower, at 10/1.

Unfortunately, from a streaming perspective, there are currently not many mainstream streaming services that accept cryptocurrency payments. Having said that, betting portals have indeed improved their gaming level in the past few years. Now most platforms offer first-class live broadcasts that players can access at any time because they have enough tokens (usually not a lot) in their In the wallet.

Cryptocurrency quickly gained notoriety in football

In any case, cryptocurrency seems to have entered the football stadium. This was obvious when a fan wore a T-shirt with the words “WTF Coin” printed on the stadium during a recent match between Belgium and Finland. . In fact, the event attracted so much attention that within a few hours after the invasion, almost all major sports news media reported the incident. cover The story led people to discover that WTF-Walnut Finance-is actually a yield agriculture project.

In addition, the governing body that oversees the European Cup in 2020, the European Football Association Federation (UEFA), has recently enter Reached a five-year global cooperation agreement on blockchain technology with AntChain, a subsidiary of Ant Group, which owns Alipay, one of the world’s largest digital payment platforms.

As part of the transaction, UEFA and AntChain will work closely to help use blockchain technology not only to promote games, but also to digitize the global football landscape. In this regard, due to the unique marketing/ownership opportunities brought about by this explosive asset class, it is reasonable for both parties to choose to explore the NFT field.

However, in the near future, the winner of this year’s Euro 2020 Golden Boot (ie the player with the most goals) will be Grant “Alipay Trophy”. Not only that, the record of the best scorer will also be stored immutably in the blockchain system.

Regarding NFT, it is worth mentioning that in the past week, the decentralized fantasy sports platform Rage Fan airdrop Limited edition NFT mints to commemorate the 2020 European Cup Championship. The last giveaway will begin on July 11, when England and Italy will meet at Wembley Stadium.

Players of the past and present have quickly adopted cryptocurrencies

It’s no secret that athletes from all walks of life continue to adopt cryptocurrencies quickly.As far as football is concerned, no one has done more promote The digital currency Viandres Iniesta, Karls Puyol and Gerard Pique, these three players have represented Spain and Barcelona in their careers.

In fact, the Big Three have been very hands-on regarding their cryptocurrency prospects. Iniesta and Puyol are the co-founders of Olyseum. Olyseum is a blockchain-driven social platform designed to reward participation and let fans Get closer to the celebrity.At the same time, Pique has Vocal Regarding his investment in the encrypted fantasy football game Sorare. According to reports, even French superstar Antoine Griezmann has invested in the platform.

The once-respected winger/forward Ryan Babel of the Netherlands is also a supporter of Bitcoin. In the past year or so, he has repeatedly shared his optimistic views on the cryptocurrency market through multiple tweets. encourage People, especially his teammates, buy BTC.

What is the player’s potential transfer cost in BTC?

This is definitely a question that needs to be answered.

This is a quick addition of the transfer value of the (possibly) starting 11 players of the two teams participating in the final, just to see how much Bitcoin can be purchased with the money.

Therefore, based on the available data, Appraisal The 11 starting players of the England team are worth 570 million euros (718.5 million US dollars), and the team captain and star forward Harry Kane voted at a valuation of 120 million euros. On the Italian side, Quantity Total revenue is 411 million euros (488.7 million US dollars), and the outgoing AC Milan goalkeeper Gianluigi Donnarumma (Gianluigi Donnarumma), the 22-year-old goalkeeper, accounts for 60 million euros.