Ethereum alone is not enough to disrupt large technology companies: Jack Dorsey

Jack Dorsey, the Twitter CEO who calls himself Bitcoin (BTC) supremacy, didn’t give fans of Ethereum (ETH) an inch. In his latest comment on the market’s second largest cryptocurrency, Dorsey downplayed the platform’s potential to single-handedly change the status quo of large technology companies:

Dorsey’s comment was after discussing the usefulness of fully integrating non-fungible tokens (NFT) into Twitter. @seyitaylor believes that this is more beneficial to Ethereum than social media sites.

Dorsey agrees that this move will have a greater impact on the Ethereum ecosystem compared to his own platform, but Add to: “Every account on Twitter can be linked to Lightning Wallet…”

although Twitter has been involved in the NFT field before – and Dorsey himself uses this technology to raise funds for charity – Dorsey has always been a staunch supporter of Bitcoin, which frustrates both Ethereum diehards and less sectarian cryptocurrency fans.

Be a Twitter user Responded The comments to Dorsey prompted him to explain, “If there is room for multiple puzzles, why would ETH hate it?” Dorsey’s refute It’s “Focus on one thing rather than hate other things. Compared to Bitcoin, I have expressed my concerns about others. The key is founding principles, security and centralization.”

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In another Twitter post, @garrytan explored Dorsey’s undivided attention to the “mystery” of Bitcoin, @timothy_skim suggested It is a veteran cryptocurrency that promises to be a “sound currency”, which he claims is “critical”, “especially for disadvantaged groups around the world.” Dorsey joined the discussion and agreed, claiming that he “helped solve the funding problem” in Bitcoin, Add to He is “not trolling.”

In another of multiple threads around the same topic, Dorsey got rejected Claiming that he deliberately cast a shadow on Ethereum, and clarified that for him, “decentralization is not the ultimate goal […] This is just one way to solve the money problem. “Dorsey said elsewhere on Twitter, although he agree For the spiritual NFT, his advocacy of Lightning in this case has nothing to do with them, but quite With “Enable[ing] An internet currency. “

This is Dorsey’s long-standing motto, and he has repeatedly argued Bitcoin will become the only currency of the Internet At least from 2018.Unlike other Bitcoin fans, they admit that one day they might The “flip” of the fate of the two major tokens, As far as the public knows, he has maintained, unwilling Investing in altcoins until today.