Former head of Russia’s Wex cryptocurrency exchange arrested in Poland

BBC Russia has Report Dmitry Vasiliev, the former CEO of Russian cryptocurrency exchange Wex, was arrested in Warsaw, Poland.

Wex, formerly known as BTC-e, is a well-known “dark” exchange in the early days of the cryptocurrency industry. Allegedly, it laundered money for many high-profile crypto hacking attacks, including the notorious Mt. Gox incident.

Although Vasilyev is considered innocent under Polish jurisdiction, other countries such as Kazakhstan have launched open fraud cases against this elusive figure, so they reportedly discussed the possibility of extradition.

It is understood that Vasilyev was detained by Polish authorities on August 11, but the news was not disclosed by Polish newspaper Wyborcza until September 17.

Allegedly, before BTC-e was closed in the summer of 2017, Vasiliev worked as an employee of BTC-e to trade for Chinese investors. Accused of laundering more than $4B of Bitcoin More than six years. He was subsequently arrested in Greece and became the subject of investigation by the US authorities.

A few months after Vinnick’s arrest, Vasilyev became a director of the renamed exchange Wex, which continued to consolidate its position in the top 10 exchange list, with a turnover of 80 million US dollars by the end of the calendar year .

But just over a year later, Binance Blacklisted Wex for suspected money laundering activities -The decision that will eventually lead to the demise of the exchange.

In 2019, Vasilyev was arrested by Italian authorities, But was released soon after being revealed that there was an error in the extradition request.

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Recently, the Bank of Russia started to work with local banks to suspend payments from its citizens to cryptocurrency exchanges on the grounds that protecting customers from “emotional” purchases is the reason for mandatory intervention.