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If you think remote work is changing the rules of the game, wait until video game work gets attention.Blockchain-based NFT games, such as Axie Infinity and Splinterlands, have proven that the business model of making money has potential Revolutionize the gaming industry.

It can be said that Pandora’s box has been opened, and the money-making game is here. Someone has logged into online video games to make a living. In this article, we will explore what it would be like in a world where earning income through video games becomes the norm.

After Venezuela experienced catastrophic hyperinflation, it allowed individuals to work at the minimum wage, earning unsustainable $5 a month. However, in the words of Jeff Goldblum, “Life has its own way.” People devised a way to make a living by playing the video game RuneScape (OS).

This is achieved through a form of labor in the game-gold coin cultivation. Users can play the game to extract various items, and then sell them to the user at the price of US dollars. Although Jagex, the developer of RuneScape, prohibits any form of digital item trading in exchange for real-world currency, this situation still happened.

This is a controversial approach, and some RuneScape players believe that farmers are just using the game without making any contribution to the community. This leads them to PK’ing (players kill) players they think are farmers. This in turn opens up a new opportunity to make money and provides security for the agricultural accounts of these players. This perfectly illustrates how the new job market is snowballing. Venezuelan players can support their families, and there are even media reports that players earn more than local doctors.

Gold farming meme from Reddit. (Source: Reddit)

Emerging economies

As long as in-game transactions are available between players, users will try to take advantage of this by buying items with real-world money. For the integrity of the game, it is not in the developer’s best interest to let individuals pay to win because it provides an unfair advantage to users with the most disposable income.

However, the fact that digital products are gaining such high value and creating new “jobs” may lead to a full-blown gold rush (pun intended). It is parallel to the emergence of the Internet and the ensuing work of a large number of developers.

Blockchain games are still very new. If the job market can develop in games that are not designed for them, one can only imagine the possibilities found in games designed to make the economy and the job market function properly.

These new markets need to be very different from the past Observed In RuneScape. In-game items that provide an unfair “advantage” should not be used in the market for real-world transactions, as this will prevent new players from feeling that they have to pay for playable standards. However, there is no reason not to sell ineffective items. In-game items that are not useful usually find value in aesthetics.

The aesthetic value cannot be taken lightly.This can be seen in games like Counter Strike, where the gun skin is Sell ​​on the secondary market 4200 dollars, even in the League of Legends, the character skin “PAX Twisted Destiny” will cost you 300 dollars.

Splinterlands is a blockchain-based game. (Source: Split Continent)

What kind of job?

Looking to the future, what will the job of providing actual income look like in the game of blockchain management? Although it is difficult to speculate, I will try to provide some rough ideas:

Time-consuming task

One thing that is always tied to value is time. For a long time, video games have contained time-intensive tasks. As we saw in the RuneScape example in Venezuela, players use their time to grow gold. Since it takes time to obtain these items, the farmed in-game items have value. Blockchain games can go a step further. Players can take time to withdraw certain in-game items for real economic rewards. This can be clearly seen in Axie Infinity, players will obtain SLP by completing tasks, which is the native token of Axie Infinity.Allegedly, if Axie Infinity players invest the necessary time They can earn up to 4,500 SLP per month, which is currently worth about US$935.

Project generation/design

As mentioned earlier, aesthetics can represent an important value for some users. The blockchain sandbox MMORPG game Ember Sword has realized this and will open the item design process to game users. They can spend time designing a new aesthetic skin (an item that represents the same utility but a different appearance) and Sell ​​it to other users as NFT.These NFTs can have coding If the project is sold at a higher price in the secondary market, users and developers who design the project are allowed to have a certain percentage of royalties to further gain profits. Users can then further expand their project brand by hiring virtual employees to apply their brand design foundation to the project, and even create in-game companies. The same principle can be applied to virtual architects, interior designers, and stylists, and there are too many to list.


Personality can be very valuable, which is most obvious in Twitch anchors. Some people lack the skills or techniques of video games, but they attract millions of viewers. Some people with “attractive” personalities have the opportunity to get paid, and only need to spend time around a certain area of ​​the virtual land to bring more users to that area. For example, if you own a virtual casino, this may be something you want to pay someone to do, so this transaction may be financially mutually beneficial. Similarly, a form of royalties/commissions can also be provided to certain users as an incentive to perform this role with high standards.

Play for others

A time-tested in-game value generation mission can come from dungeons, raids, and boss battle missions. This usually involves the user having to fight through a large number of enemies to obtain the final Boss. If the user can defeat it, it will drop the most valuable in-game items/trophies. Work in this game requires both skill and time. Therefore, it is specifically aimed at experienced players. However, it also provides opportunities for better players to provide “services” to help less experienced players complete these tasks.

Today, people live by playing Axie Infinity. (Source: Axie Infinity)


How these technologies and the jobs they bring will work is still a mystery. This means that we should proceed with caution.Playing video games in economically underdeveloped countries can get better and easier economic benefits, which may attract workers away from more important tasks. As we have seen in the report, some RuneScape players Field service Emergency service personnel.

One caveat to this is that these digital economies come from the global market, not just the local market, and, as we have seen at Axie Infinity in the Philippines, this seems to bring additional capital and capital to underdeveloped regions. opportunity.

One of the beauty of cryptocurrency is that it provides users with the freedom to control their wealth. What we see in the blockchain game is the evolution of cryptocurrency. For some people, this is just a cool new feature. Our items can be profitable through transactions, regardless of the parameters of a single game. For others, this is a life raft, a means of generating much-needed income in a new and revolutionary way. Who would have thought that video games could ironically represent a well-spent life?

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