If the peer review system is broken, what is the point of Cardano’s reliance on it?

In a recent interview with Lex Fridman, Charles Hoskinson, the founder of Cardano and co-founder of Ethereum, gave his thoughts on Bitcoin.This 33 year old Less than free, Call it “slow” and urgently need to upgrade. Hoskinson also disputed the recent Bitcoin conference in Miami, comparing the whole thing to an absurd religious movement.

“I can’t understand all my life, what exactly does Bitcoin mean?” ask Hoskinson.

But even though Bitcoin has proven itself as an adaptive blockchain with a decade of history, many in the crypto industry have serious questions about the “focus” of Hoskinson’s own project Cardano.

A week before this interview aired, Vitalik Buterin and Fridman sat down and talked Lively discuss. The Russian-Canadian programmer was asked about Cardano and whether he thinks Hoskinson’s project has a future. Buterin criticized Cardano’s reliance on the peer review system. Buterin does not focus on academic proofs, but prefers heuristic methods. This is a cunning dig, a super geek microphone drops.

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For those who are not familiar with Cardano, Peer review It is the main theme of the budding equity proof blockchain platform. We are told that this excites investors. So it should, in an ideal world. Peer review is the main indicator of academic legitimacy. For progress, the evaluation process is invaluable.

For Cardano, some people think that the term “peer review” is nothing more than an ingenious marketing strategy, an ingenious way to give a sense of superiority to the proof-of-stake blockchain platform. However, Hoskinson is a strong advocate of peer review. Strictly guard against Any way of criticism. He seems to be fully committed to academic proof. But is this a wise investment?

When people actually check status For today’s peer review system, the answer seems to be no. After all, we are told that the peer review system is active “tAerobic. “

last year, David Rosenthal, A well-respected British and American scientist, wrote an article article Titled Breakthrough: Peer review is brokenAs Rosenthal said, “for more than ten years” peer review has been in a devastating state, and fraud cases often occur.

As science magazine caveat As early as 2018, the “number of articles retracted by journals” has “increased tenfold in the past 10 years”, of which “approximately 60% of retractions are due to fraud.” Three years have passed, and the situation does not seem to get better.If any, they are getting worse.

From mathematics to social sciences, the peer review system has always been Trouble Because of prejudice and tribalism.

Dr. John Baumgardner asked the following question: “Is there a situation where the scientific method should work but the method does not work? Is not Provide an’accurate representation of the world’-that is, a correct description of the true situation of things? “Unfortunately, Baurngardner concluded, “The answer is yes. In the words of Freemason Dyson, science is more mysterious than truth.

What is the point of Cardano?

If Bitcoin is nothing more than a fanatical religious movement, what is Cardano?Friedman posed this question to Hoskinson, who then began to 9 minutes in a row An overview of Cardano’s way of providing “digital identities” to people in developing countries.

However, others think that Hoskinnon’s creativity is far less noble.According to the CEO of Galaxy Digital Mike Novogratz, Cardano is a “cult”, and “Strange” One. By default, this will make Hoskinson the leader of the cult.

Regardless of the strengths and weaknesses of the technology that underpins the Cardano blockchain, no matter what Hoskinson’s loyal followers may think is worth investing in, what is worrying is Science worship This is very true-and over-reliance on the peer review process may prove to be very problematic.

Ironically, Hoskinson’s argument is that although Satoshi Nakamoto may not publish his white paper through peer review, the market itself has already made a judgment on Bitcoin. If the peer review is “tEvaluation of the work by one or more people with similar abilities as the creator of the work“So Bitcoin has been positively evaluated by some of the most talented developers in the world for a decade.

Of course, it also has critics. It certainly has its flaws. But exposure to the real world makes Bitcoin flexible. Moreover, whether Cardano can survive the real-world use craze is still a controversial issue-as technology historians like to remind us, Betamax technology is also superior to VHS.

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