Iran suspends electricity exports due to cryptocurrency mining and hot summer

The challenge of increasing electricity consumption in Iran has reached new heights, causing the country to stop its electricity exports.

Abuzer Salihi, general manager of Tevanir, an Iranian power distribution company, announced on national television that it has reduced electricity exports to zero, “therefore there is no problem with the country’s electricity supply.” He said that in order to meet domestic demand, 70% of the electricity in Herat Province, Afghanistan was imported from Iran, and the electricity supply was completely stopped.

According to the numbers shared Through Tevanir, the daily power demand reaches more than 65,000 MW, while the output is about 54,000 MW. Except for the hot summer, Bitcoin (Bitcoin) And the country’s crypto mining activities-known for its large power subsidies to local industries-were listed as one of the reasons for the high power demand.

Iran legalized crypto mining in 2019 to license and supervise domestic miners. But the country has also seen a surge in unlicensed mining activities, with many unlicensed miners using residential grids to power energy-consuming mining equipment.

Iran’s first measure this year is Excellent crypto miner Use household energy.

A kind Prohibit mining Until the hot summer day passed. President Hassan Rouhani announced in May that the crypto mining ban will last until September to ensure access to electricity for domestic consumption. Rouhani also claimed that 85% of Iran’s mining activities are unauthorized.

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As a last resort before stopping electricity exports, the country also called on all legally operating crypto miners to stop their activities.The first vice president of Iran, Eshaq Jahangiri, under the leadership of Hassan Rouhani, in Meeting with officials Department of Energy. He said: “We will ensure that there will be no power outages in important and important places.”

At the same time, Iran continues to crack down on illegal mining activities. last month, Confiscated by the authorities More than 7,000 mining equipment on a farm in the capital of Tehran