Is Bitcoin late on the point of view?

In about 12 years, Bitcoin (Bitcoin) From a little-known experiment to a new asset class recognized by the mainstream financial community.At that time, the price of a bitcoin rose from less than $1 all the way Over $60,000 at its peak. People bought the asset at different points in the process, some of them Obtain substantial profits from Bitcoin’s price increaseGiven that Bitcoin is now trading at a price of tens of thousands of dollars per coin, is it too late to profit from entering BTC? A cryptocurrency trader on Twitter thinks so.

“Tbh, I just don’t care what Bitcoin does anymore,” Moon Overlord Say In a tweet on March 15, 2021. “We have done it,” they said, adding: “Yes, it is too late to buy it now. The price of ONE is 500,000 to 60,000 US dollars. If you are a novice or don’t have much to invest, it’s time I went to look elsewhere.”

As early as 2010, people had several months to hoard BTC for less than $0.10 per coin. according to Go to BraveNewCoin’s Bitcoin Liquidity Index (BLX) on TradingView. However, the difficulty of buying bitcoin in the early days is that compared with today, there are much less publicity and purchase entrances for the asset.

However, even in 2015, there are still many opportunities to buy BTC at a price of less than $330 per coin, and if it is sold at today’s price, this will generate considerable profits. Although Bitcoin has accumulated huge percentage gains at a price of US$330 per coin, one unit of the asset is still affordable compared to a price higher than US$50,000.

DCA refers to average dollar cost. For more information about DCA, please read: Warren Buffett praises the average dollar cost of stocks-but is it useful for Bitcoin?

Moon Overlord said in another tweet: “It’s too late to magically get rich with Bitcoin. Are you a Fortune 500 company or a country? Then you may still be fine.”

In 2021, on the r/Bitcoin subreddit, Reddit user u/DocumentingBitcoin Post A statement issued by user “ichi” in 2010, in which users expressed their feeling that they missed Bitcoin. “I only have 600 bitcoins, almost all of them were generated last week,” ichi explained on July 25, 2010. “I missed the bus,” the user said, followed by a sad expression.

According to the daily candlestick chart on the BLX chart on TradingView from July 24 to 26, 2010, the price of Bitcoin before and after the initial release date in 2010 was between $0.05 and $0.06 per coin.

Some Encryption industry participants It is speculated that the value of Bitcoin will be much higher than its all-time high of nearly $65,000. Some people even think USD 1,000,000 per BTC It is not impossible. A more significant increase means that BTC will have more potential profits in the future, although this percentage gain may be less than some of the profit percentages of certain altcoins in 2020 and 2021. (YFI), for example, Up more than 5,000% Prices in 2020. Of course, investing or trading crypto assets that are less known than BTC may bring greater risk of loss due to potential project failures, plummeting asset prices, and regulatory changes.