Israel’s Mossad spy agency is seeking to hire crypto experts

The Israeli national intelligence agency Mossad has released a job posting for cryptocurrency experts with at least three years of experience in the financial technology field.

Candidates should “have in-depth technical understanding and expertise in the fields of financial technology, e-commerce, DEF and digital currency”, according to Overview Require.

The description of the role succinctly states that it includes “lead, initiate, plan and accompany system development activities”-fully open to the local media, and can provide its own explanation for Mossad’s purpose of seeking encryption experts.

For example, Ynet, the main Israeli news site claim Mossad may be interested in using cryptocurrency to make anonymous payments to its agents or purchase equipment.

Most of the recent crypto-related activities in the Israeli state have focused on Bitcoin (Bitcoin) And other cryptocurrencies are welcomed by the radicals of Hamas, which is the de facto governing body in the Gaza Strip in Palestine. In recent years, the organization has been classified as a terrorist organization in whole or in part by many countries. Trying to fight its financial isolation go through Use cryptocurrency on social media for fundraising activities.

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Last month, Israeli Defense Minister Benny Gantz signed an order authorizing Israeli security forces confiscate cryptocurrency accounts The organization is reportedly linked to the radical factions of Hamas accelerate After 11 days of fighting in May this year, its cryptocurrency fundraising campaign.

According to the ICD-ICT report released last year, wallets purported to be associated with Hamas and Iran’s Al-Nasser Salah al-Deen Brigades Successfully raised nearly 3,370 BTC in four years.