It is “absolutely correct” to regard Bitcoin as the new gold-Mexico’s third richest person

Bitcoin (Bitcoin) Is undoubtedly the “new gold” of Ricardo Salinas Pliego, the third richest man in Mexico.

In a tweet on June 27, Ricardo Salinas Pliego confirmed his recommendation of Bitcoin as an investment rather than legal tender or gold.

Pliego reiterates the benefits of Bitcoin

Pliego, already Well known As a supporter of Bitcoin, he insisted on his beliefs and further promoted the new discovery of the largest cryptocurrency in South America.

“This is absolutely correct. Bitcoin is the new gold, but it is more portable. Transporting Bitcoin is much easier than putting gold bars in your pocket… and I know I will be attacked by gold lovers,” he Responded A tweet from MicroStrategy CEO Michael Saylor.

Saylor is related to a previous video interview with Pliego. He believes that Bitcoin can easily beat the U.S. dollar in terms of wealth preservation.

Pliego has expressed his admiration for Bitcoin on multiple occasions and on various platforms, including Interview Collaborated with Cointelegraph at the beginning of the year.

When a Twitter user asked Mexico how to emulate El Salvador and make it legal tender, Pliego remained blank.

“I don’t know,” he Replied.

As Cointelegraph Report, El Salvador’s new-era legal currency BTC came into effect in September, and Paraguay is also making voices to increase its use.

XAU/BTC 1-day candlestick chart. Source: TradingView

Schiff: No one will buy a $30,000 drop

At the same time, the debate on Bitcoin and gold remains active.

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Peter Schiff is arguably the most outspoken gold mistake on Twitter, and he continues to condemn Bitcoin for being far inferior to precious metals.

“Most Bitcoin buyers who bought less than $30,000 the last time Bitcoin buyers will not buy the next time,” he said claim In one of two tweets on Friday.

“The main buyers will be those who profited from the rebound. Therefore, the next decline will not receive almost the same support. New buyers may appear at a price of $20,000, but less than $30,000. “

Fell to 20,000 USD or less recognition Possibility of being an analyst yourself. However, this weekend BTC/USD 30,000 USD support is retained After retesting.