Jack Dorsey said he will integrate Lightning Network into Twitter or BlueSky

Jack Dorsey, co-founder of social media network Twitter and financial services company Square, confirmed that he plans to integrate Bitcoin’s Lightning Network sidechain with at least one of his businesses.

On June 11, Dorsey responded to the question of Twitter user “deyonté”. He asked Dorsey to integrate Lightning Network into Twitter or BlueSky—— Decentralized social network Twitter has invested in manpower for development since 2019.

In response, Dorsey replied: “It’s just a matter of time.”

Dorsey’s comment seems to be deliberately ambiguous, the comment seems to be interpreted as confirmation of BlueSky or Twitter, and even the two companies may be paying attention to Lightning integration.

Twitter user “mklad” also stated that Dorsey’s pro-lightning remarks may be the same as Square’s recent obtain Jay-Z’s failed music streaming platform Tidal.

Dorsey’s tweet came as Square recently took steps to expand its digital asset business.

Earlier this month, Dorsey revealed that Square intends to develop an open source non-custodial Bitcoin hardware wallet. The next day, Cointelegraph reported that Square revealed a partnership with Blockstream, a blockchain infrastructure company, and Square plans to invest US$5 million in Solar Bitcoin Mining Facility.

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Dorsey has long believed that Bitcoin mining will incentivize adoption and Renewable energy innovation, And party Commitment of 10 million US dollars In December, its Bitcoin clean energy investment plan