Jack Dorsey says Bitcoin is the key to Twitter’s future

Bitcoin (Bitcoin), the world’s largest cryptocurrency by market capitalization, will become one of the main trends for Twitter CEOs in the future Jack Dorsey Announced.

Twitter CEO Say In the second quarter earnings conference call, Bitcoin will become an “important part” of the company’s future, outlining the potential of digital currency to further change Twitter’s products and services.

Dorsey referred to Bitcoin as the native currency of the Internet, and he described the opportunity to integrate BTC into existing Twitter services, including commerce, subscriptions, and new features such as Twitter Tip Jar and Super Follows.

The CEO explained to investors that many Bitcoin-based innovations are “not just owned currencies” because Twitter is committed to decentralizing social media and providing more economic incentives. He pointed out that in addition to artificial intelligence and decentralization, Bitcoin is one of the three key trends for Twitter in the future. “I think it is very important for Twitter and Twitter shareholders that we continue to focus on this area and actively invest in it,” he said.

Dorsey emphasized that Twitter is not the only one dedicated to cryptocurrency. He cited the digital currency actively developed by social media giant Facebook. Expected to pilot its Diem cryptocurrency Later this year. But unlike Facebook, Twitter will one day focus on BTC as an open standard for the native Internet. He said:

“Obviously this needs to be done and I appreciate it. And I think the open standards native to the Internet are the right path, which is why my focus and our focus will ultimately be on Bitcoin.

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Dorsey’s latest bitcoin call is It is said that For the first time, the CEO publicly talked about Twitter’s ability to integrate BTC into its products.The new remarks were made shortly after Dorsey Bitcoin was discussed at the virtual BTC event “The ₿ Word” is with Tesla CEO Elon Musk and Kathy Wood of Ark Investments. Dorsey said that if Bitcoin existed before Twitter or Facebook, many existing business models would be very different. “We certainly don’t rely on advertising business models,” he pointed out.

Dorsey is known as the main believer of early Bitcoin and has repeatedly believed that Bitcoin is expected to become Internet single currency At least from 2018. Square, his cryptocurrency-friendly digital payment company, is a reliable Bitcoin investor. Buy 50 million USD in BTC At the end of 2020, then Purchase an additional $170 million in BTC February 2021.