John McAfee’s suicide report sparked suspicion and led to conspiracy theories

Because of his identity, he often becomes a mocking figure in the crypto community Weird prediction And bigger than life character, John McAfee is no longer the focus of the encryption community. However, after his alleged “suicide” in a Spanish prison cell on June 23, Tribute Technologists have been flooding in, and he is also an early supporter of digital currencies, especially Bitcoin (Bitcoin) And later Monero (XMR).

McAfee is already In exile in the last years of his lifeIn this regard, there are widespread reports that the creator of McAfee Antivirus has been evading the pursuit of US authorities. escape His tax liability is touted as worth more than 4 million U.S. dollars.In total, he was nominated in a total of 10 federal indictments, and Was ordered to extradite to the U.S.Just a few hours before news of his suicide surfaced.

After being arrested by local authorities at Barcelona Airport last year, McAfee seems to have adapted well to the prison environment. “I have friends. The food is good. Everything is good” he Tweet October 2020.To former National Security Agency agent and whistleblower Edward Snowden, this seems to be Suggest The legal system in the United States is so broken that even a native defendant “would rather die in a foreign cell” rather than be subject to this unfair system.

Did McAfee predict his untimely death?

One of the strangest aspects of the entire development process is that in the past few years, McAfee has repeatedly emphasized that US officials have been sending him subtle but fairly clear messages, suggesting that his time here is almost over and he is leaving. Up. Will “suicide” soon.

On this issue, one of his tweets is shocking read“The U.S. official is actually saying:’We are here for you, McAfee! We are going to commit suicide. I got a tattoo today just in case. If I commit suicide by myself, I don’t. I was beaten in the face. Check my right arm.”

Not only that, in his one statement, He made it clear that if someone finds him hanged in a cell, it is not his own fault, but an attempt to silence him “like Epstein”.McAfee claims that he has many Dirt inside To many elites and government organizations in the world, he even said that he would start “calling”-including a top CIA employee who was directly involved in a lot of rough business.

In addition, in a Interview McAfee’s widow Janice claimed in the information provided on June 25 that the British and American tycoon did not even have a “suicidal tendency” when she spoke to him for the last time. This was apparently when his body was found in his A few hours before the cell.

Although the authorities claim that there is nothing suspicious about the death of the technology giant, people on social media have been saying that there may be a “foul” after the above disclosure.

Finally, just the day before his untimely death, the Spanish National Court announced that it had reached an agreement with the US authorities on McAfee’s extradition-the final decision is still awaiting and awaiting further judicial investigation.In fact, McAfee and his legal counsel have Designed An action plan to appeal the decision further shows that the pressure of extradition alone may not have caused McAfee to resort to suicide.

McAfee’s mysterious last post on Instagram

Soon after the news of his death began to circulate on the Internet, the call to plan McAfee’s death began to receive widespread attention.First, when McAfee’s official Instagram account was ignited shared The image of the letter “Q” is said to be shortly after his death.

The “Q” mentioned here directly refers to the QAnon conspiracy theory, which shows that a group of elite pedophiles run a global child sex trading group and have a direct say in the way the US government operates. More importantly, the theory also shows that this conspiracy composed of high-level elites can manipulate the global economy due to the control of parts of the banking system.

As expected, as result In this article, a large number of QAnon influencers on Telegram began to share pictures, claiming that McAfee was just another victim—just like Jeffrey Epstein—and because he had secrets about global powers. Do not “suicide”.

Killswitch has started, but where is all the information?

In a tweet at the end of 2019, McAfee stated unequivocally that if he mysteriously “disappeared”, he would freed Approximately 31 TB of guilty data (related to various government officials and those in power) was given to the media. However, even though people all over the world continue to wait very eagerly for this information, it seems that no such data is available so far.

In fact, he allegedly even wrote in an article information He has a lot of sensitive data, which is backed up on multiple hard drives and stored in his apartment near 88th Street North of Miami Beach. In other words, a quick glance at McAfee’s feed shows that there is no such post, which indicates that the message may have been posted on Twitter and subsequently deleted, or it may be completely fictitious at first.

In the past few years, McAfee has continued to associate himself with many conspiracies. This can be seen from the facts described in one of his posts, where he portrayed himself as a billionaire and convicted sex offender. In front of Jeffrey Epstein, he was also a victim of the so-called “forced suicide.”

As part of the photo caption in his “Q” Instagram post, he Add to“I never said that Jeffrey Epstein was murdered. I said he didn’t commit suicide. It’s not the same. Maybe he’s still alive. Maybe he’s never existed. Maybe he was murdered. I don’t know. I only know him. No suicide.”

Finally, the tech entrepreneur recently even roll out A cryptocurrency called Pizza, which advertises itself as Hillary Clinton eating pizza. The asset seems to directly reference the Pizza Gate conspiracy theory, which attracted widespread attention a few years ago after the former Secretary of State’s e-mail was leaked online via WikiLeaks.

Will the story of John McAfee continue to exist?

McAfee was born in 1945. His father was an American soldier. He was serving in the UK at the time and he received a doctorate. Before going to Silicon Valley in the late 1970s, he succeeded in mathematics. In fifteen years, he not only worked for Lockheed, but also spent a lot of personal time researching software solutions that can help solve the increasingly serious computer virus problem.

In the early 1990s, John founded McAfee Associates in the comfort of his home, and began to design novel solutions to help combat various digital threats that were popular at the time. As a result, before the arrival of the new millennium, the company’s annual revenue was close to 5 million U.S. dollars.

After his death, tributes flooded from all directions. For example, Bitcoin influencer and podcast Anthony Pompliano shared One post remembered McAfee as a “kind, funny, and very smart” individual. Similarly, Charles Hoskinson, the founder of Cardano, is the same. spoke He spoke highly of McAfee’s contribution to the field of computer science, calling him “one of the most mysterious and interesting people in the history of cryptocurrency and computing.”

Although there will always be people who believe or disbelieve the claim that the US government played a role in McAfee’s death, the truth is that he does claim that he has a lot of stains on the global elite. It remains to be seen whether these so-called confidential information will enter the Internet.

However, this does not eliminate the fact that McAfee is not only a true pioneer in the field of digital security, but also a visionary. Even if the field is still in its infancy, he can foresee the rise of cryptocurrency.

Conspiracy aside, many people will miss this technological pioneer very much.