JPMorgan Chase recruits more blockchain talents

JPMorgan Chase, a major US investment bank, is boosting its blockchain hiring boom by publishing a series of new job vacancies related to blockchain.

JP Morgan Chase has turn on Multiple positions to carry out its global blockchain development work, including job postings for software developers, engineers, marketers, and auditors who specialize in blockchain. According to the company’s vacancies on LinkedIn, many of these new job postings related to blockchain have been posted in recent days.

New job recruitment to find blockchain talents in multiple branches of JP Morgan Chase worldwide, including the United States, Singapore, India, Hong Kong, the United Kingdom and other countries.the company Post In the United States alone, there have been more than 30 such job vacancies in the past 7 days.

Many applications are specifically aimed at talents from JPMorgan Chase’s Onyx division focused on digital currencies and the company’s Liink division Proprietary blockchain-based interbank data network. Launched in October last year, Onyx focuses on JPMorgan Chase’s internal stablecoin It is called JPM currency.

One of the newly opened positions, Blockchain Platform Software Engineer, Jersey City, New Jersey seek Experts who specialize in blockchain security technology, proof-of-stake (PoS) algorithms, and experience in using major cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin (Bitcoin) And ether (Ethereum).

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Shortly after JP Morgan’s analysts predicted that Ethereum’s upcoming transition from Proof of Work to PoS will drive the global adoption of crypto-collateralized yields, new job postings were released, which may trigger Stakes of up to 40 billion U.S. dollars have surged By 2025. The bank’s analysts also believe that Bitcoin may evolve into a compelling alternative to gold. Price tag over 140,000 USD In the long run.