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We asked the builders in the field of blockchain and cryptocurrency what they think about the industry… We randomly added some zingers to keep them alert!

This week, our 6 questions are for Lisa N. Edwards, a cryptocurrency trading expert, who runs and co-owns the crypto entry.

Lisa is an expert trader at Elliott Wave. He has more than 20 years of experience in traditional stocks and commodities, and now specializes in trading cryptocurrencies. She runs with Josh Taylor and co-owns Encryption Introductory, Millions and Moon magazines. Lisa has extensive experience, and previous commercial enterprises include Satoshi Sisters, Trading Places VIP, D4.Partners and CoinRunners. In addition to trading, Lisa has a thriving career in the media and film industry. She is expected to shoot a cryptocurrency-themed script called “CoinRunners” by the end of 2021.

1 – When you tell people that you are in the blockchain industry, how will they react?

Does anyone say they are in the “blockchain” industry? Encryption, baby, all the way! I have been telling everyone to buy Bitcoin for years (Bitcoin) And various cryptocurrencies, the price of Bitcoin is now around 45,000 USD, and suddenly it is interesting-45,000 USD is more interesting than 200 USD. This is when I started to actually tell people the price when they were trading Bitcoin. When those people ask me, I shake my head and smile. However, people’s reactions are quite the opposite—in most cases, people respond with interest, or they look at me blankly. Nothing in between.

2 – What will happen to Bitcoin and Ethereum in the next 10 years?

Let me get my crystal ball-it has been working out during the bull market. I never like to look so far into the future, because in just two months, many things may happen in the encryption field. So, 10 years is like eternity. Both may become dinosaurs, and we know what happened to them.

3 — Does it matter if we figure out who Satoshi Nakamoto is or who he was? Why or why not?

It depends on who you are asking. Different things are important to different people.

People define Satoshi Nakamoto in many ways. Thoughts and ideas—about who or what something is—bring new ideas, changes, and conversations. I have family ties with the name Satoshi, and have not passed the interview without being mentioned (yawning). But to be honest, I am only interested in living my own life, sharing my experience in the crypto world, and letting others decide for themselves.

4 — Which is more stupid: $500,000 in Bitcoin or $0 in Bitcoin? Why?

Neither is stupid, there are arguments for both.

From a transaction point of view, 500,000 USD of Bitcoin is a simple argument, Global adoption And the extremely outdated and antiquated financial system.Only 21 million BTC have been mined, and the global population is expected to be Exceed 7.8 billion people, as of the time of writing, there are currently 18,821,768.75 BTC in circulation. Then think that because early paper wallets are destroyed or hard drives no longer exist, or just forget the password to access them, 30% to 50% of the total supply may be lost. This is a closed market model that makes it increasingly scarce, so demand will definitely exceed supply, which makes $500,000 of Bitcoin a reality. Currency is essentially a technology that has reinvented the barter system, while Bitcoin is a technology that can completely change the way we transact globally.

As for the $0 Bitcoin, you are trying to get me to expose the argument of family relations and the BSV camp, that is, when Craig Wright moves the genesis block, BSV is Bitcoin and BTC is outdated. I personally think that even if he does this, BTC will not return to zero. My analogy is, if we think of the blockchain as the road we drive on, and every cryptocurrency as the car we drive, I might like the Porsche 911 because it is faster and more stylish, for me. It looks better, but Bob likes his Prius because it is reliable and energy efficient. They can all successfully drive on the same road-such as encryption, bridges and interoperability-but more people prefer Porsches to Prius. So don’t be Bob-be like Lisa!

5 — From smart contracts to DApp, NFT and DeFi, we have seen the next “killer application” of many cryptocurrencies, but they have not really taken off yet. What will stick?

An app that anyone can use without knowing the terminology or what it is, just knowing it can change their lives. The same is true for applications in the non-encrypted world. A successful application needs to be simple, it needs to provide solutions to real-world problems, and it needs to be completed efficiently because the attention span is getting shorter and shorter.

The truth is that most people only want solutions, regardless of how things work, although I think people in the crypto world are more interested in understanding how things work. When you enter it, it is really fascinating! Think about mainstream output built underground. Despite being built around this technology, most applications will not mention anything related to encryption! It is not necessarily a defining characteristic that attracts an audience.

6 — Have you bought irreplaceable tokens? How was it before? If not, what do you think will be the first one?

I trade NFT Has been trading. Do I have irreplaceable art? not now. My problem now is that art is for display. I have a problem of having to display artwork on the LCD screen.I think it’s no different from having a photo gallery on my iPhone, which pulls out memories when nostalgic, but there is a big and ugly LCD screen on my wall to display Beeple worth US$69 million It’s a bit contrary to the purpose of art. I believe that NFT can change the music and media industry and allow artists to automatically receive royalties. I would love to see my CoinRunners film receive funding in this way to showcase the cryptocurrency industry to the public. So, in order to answer this question, I hope CoinRunners will be my first NFT.

One wish for the blockchain community:

If you can dream it, you can achieve it, so don’t stop trying until you find a way!

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