Mask Network, 1inch and Shiba Inu ignored Bitcoin’s downward trend and rose by 20%

The cryptocurrency market returned to its peak on October 27th, as many top assets found themselves at a loss the day after Bitcoin (Bitcoin) The price fell to $58,000 during the early trading session.

Despite the broader market struggle, some altcoins have risen by more than 22% due to the integration of major agreements and exchange listings that have helped cushion the broader market downturn.

The top 7 tokens with the largest price changes in 24 hours. source: Cointelegraph Markets Pro

Data from Cointelegraph Markets Pro with Transaction view Shows that the biggest gains in the past 24 hours are 1inch (1INCH), Shiba Inu (SHIB) and Mask Network (MASK).

1 inch integrated with Exodus wallet

1Inch is a distributed network and decentralized exchange (DEX) aggregator that can connect decentralized protocols across multiple blockchain networks, including Ethereum (Ethereum), Binance Smart Chain, Polygon (MATIC) and Arbitrum.

VORTECS™ data comes from Cointelegraph Markets Pro Before the recent price increase, a bullish outlook for 1INCH began to be discovered on October 26.

Cointelegraph’s unique VORTECS™ score is an algorithmic comparison of historical and current market conditions. These data points include a combination of market sentiment, trading volume, recent price changes, and Twitter activity.

VORTECS™ score (green) and 1 inch price. source: Cointelegraph Markets Pro

As shown in the figure above, 1INCH’s VORTECS™ Score climbed to the green area on October 26, and reached a high of 72 approximately two hours before the price rose by 100.5% the next day.

The sudden increase in the price of 1INCH came after it was announced earlier that the protocol had been integrated with the Exodus wallet to introduce its functions directly into a multi-currency, cross-platform wallet.

Shiba Inu continues to set new highs

Shiba Inu is a dog-themed project. As the project expands from a simple meme to an evolving ecosystem that provides decentralized finance (DeFi) and non-fungible tokens (NFT) functions, the The project has been gaining momentum in 2021.

According to data from Cointelegraph Markets Pro, SHIB’s market conditions have been favorable for some time.

VORTECS™ score (green) and SHIB price. source: Cointelegraph Markets Pro

As shown in the figure above, SHIB’s VORTECS™ score climbed to the green zone for the first time on October 23, and reached a high of 89 on October 24, approximately 7 hours before the price rose by 119% in the next three days.

The strong momentum of SHIB comes from the listing of the token on a new exchange in the past month, and the developer behind the agreement has launched Shiboshi NFT, which can be purchased using the agreement’s LEAH token.

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Mask Network updates NFT Avatar

Mask Network is a social media-focused protocol that allows users to encrypt posts and chats on platforms such as Twitter and Facebook, and enables only friends and contacts to decrypt and access them.

Data from Cointelegraph Markets Pro with Transaction view It shows that after hitting a low of $9.29 on October 26, the price of MASK surged 98.9% to an intraday high of $18.47 on October 27, and its 24-hour trading volume soared 1610% to $59942 million.

MASK/USDT 4-hour chart. Source: TradingView

The sudden increase in MASK prices came after the update of the “NFT Avatar” protocol, which allows users to replace their Twitter avatars with custom avatars based on the NFT owned by the user, which can also be used as a verification of ownership.

The overall market value of cryptocurrencies is now $2.475 trillion, and Bitcoin’s dominance rate is 44.9%.

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