Michael Saylor says there is no reason not to hold Bitcoin for 100 years

Michael Saylor, CEO of business intelligence company MicroStrategy, firmly defended the company’s bullish long-term Bitcoin (Bitcoin) Positioning based on its unique potential can evolve into “the future of the property”.

in a interview Saylor said in an interview with Bloomberg TV that MicroStrategy’s big bet on Bitcoin (which has been turned to the debt market to maintain) is the “highest upside and lowest risk strategy” the company can pursue.

“Some people think that diversification means buying other types of cryptocurrencies or other types of stocks,” he said. “We believe that by holding Bitcoin, we have achieved diversification. Because we can see Bitcoin on the balance sheets of cities, states, governments, companies, and small businesses [and] Big investors, in the end, Bitcoin will become the core of Apple, Amazon and Facebook’s technological innovation, so we want to hold Bitcoin. ”

In response to his interviewer’s question on how the interests of large centralized giants such as Twitter and Facebook are coordinated with decentralized networks, Saylor believes that Bitcoin is the key to solving local problems such as network security and spam. The integration with Bitcoin—especially the Lightning Network, which supports micropayments—can solve these problems by integrating an ecosystem that guarantees reputation and trust:

“If you want to improve the user experience [on these tech platforms], Then you need to have a skin in the game. Bitcoin provides skins in the name of all interactors in the network environment. Dorsey understood this. The killer application is network security integrated into the international trust network. “

Saylor’s prediction of Bitcoin’s long-term potential seems to strike a balance between this ability to support the new features of the network and the future development of the asset.

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Reasons for MicroStrategy’s long-term use of Bitcoin- It controversially borrowed $2.2 billion for this Approximately 1.5% of the mixed interest rate-the company expects that Bitcoin as an open property network will be used by “billions of users.” Although the company currently adopts a 10-year view, Sailer’s comments indicate that his view is long-term in the sense of true maximization:

“People joked that Bitcoin is not a real trading strategy, but an exit strategy. What we want to hold is a permanent non-sovereign store of value […] I took a survey: The average Twitter user thinks it will last for 3,500 years. No one is eager to use Bitcoin. We think this is the future of real estate. “

Saylor observed that during this period, cryptocurrencies can still meet the needs of retail traders, noting that cryptocurrencies generally provide users of applications such as Robinhood with the unique possibility of 24/7 transactions, 365 days a year. In his view, Robinhood’s efforts to promote and increase support for new asset classes “completely justify.” However, in digital assets, Bitcoin, as the “haven king of all cryptocurrencies”, is still “all traffic and excitement” for Thaler.

According to a recent study by Crypto.com, the number of global cryptocurrency users increased from 100 million in January this year to 221 million in June, more than doubled.although Bitcoin retains the largest share of users, Smaller altcoins have slowly eroded the market share of established coins and the second most popular cryptocurrency on the market, Ether (Ethereum).